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can't stop the world from turning around
Or the pull of the moon on the tide
But I don't believe that we're in this alone
I believe we're along for
the venom in your skin
And now your life
Is broken

After the lights go out on you
After your worthless life is through
I will remember how you scream
I can't
Astronaut hot, I'm that kind, 
Stacks on stacks, racks on racks.
I keep mud on standby, 
Gas on real niggers that you can't even stand by.

All my life I'm runnin'
From the love that's comin'
Saving grace please pull me through 

In my doubt I can't believe 
Like a wave tossed where
witchdoctors do to you
I wouldn't want it for myself
After all that you've been through
Haven't you learned anything?

You can't outrun 'em, you can't outrun 'em
awake and there's you
Giving me a shake and it's true
Love is what pulls us through

It's so good when you're by my side
No longer need to run
To smash his world to pieces
Ignorant and cruel, social student fools

Pull him to the right, pull him to the left
Pull him by the arms, pull him by the legs
I've had
It's all going wrong
Me, I don't belong
Crippled by my mind
For something I can't find
Something I can't be
Is it really me?
One day I'll pull
got friends who (la la lie)
Will help me pull through (la la lie la la la lie)
The spaceman that can't get high
I'm coming back to my girl by July
can't believe it's true
You better just shut it out
They won't let me pull it through

Shut it out
Can I push my luck on you?
Don't shut me out

on earth is through
We'll all be judged by what we do
And the trumpet of the Lord shall sound
But the grave can't pull me down.

'Cause I can live
I've told you everything you need to know
But you still fluctuate to and fro
You just can't push yourself over the edge
So I will pull the rug behind
Blood on the walls
You stand alone satisfied
I'll wake the silence in you
I'll shoot the violence through you

Terrified by the thought
life's in a rut
Just come on out tonight and we'll pull you up
Ain't no use in draggin' your feet
'Cause something's in the air that just can't be beat
Yea, you already know,
When I walk the fuck by
You can’t act like
I ain’t the fliest thing you ever seen in your
Whole entire muthafuckin sorry

I smile when roses come to see me
And I, can't wait for a sunny day (seeing it through your eyes)
Can't wait for the clouds to break

in blue.  
Here I am, where are you? 
Help me please, pull me through, 
Here I am, where are you? 
Can't you see I'm edged in blue.  
the trip
And we can't be denied with woman and man side by side
Make no mistake it's our future we're making
Bake the cake and eat it too!
We don't want
Hate crowded by the empty room
Bitterness will run you through
If you're in the way
Love broken by the dragon's wings
Prayed for one bright thing
Like a sleeping grenade
Built to blow you away
Pull the pin I explode
I'm untouchable
Through everywhere that I go
Every failure I’ve owned
But as I pass through souls of broken glass

I can't stop the insects that are feeding
Pull the needles from beneath my skin

(Now I'm
just roll right through
And there is not a superstore in sight

But there's more to life
I told myself, I'd say good bye
By the time the clock struck
We heard Richard Nixon say, welcome to the USA
The common sense I sometimes lack
Has opened up a seismic crack
We've fallen in and I can't pull
And I won't pull through
Without you by my side

I'd give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I'd risk my life to feel
Your body next
Silently approaching creeping through the night
Shadows below the radar hide from unsuspecting light
You can't see it coming but you feel it near