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the hill

Shake shake mama like a ship going out to sea
Shake shake mama like a ship going out to sea
You took all my money and you gave it to Richard Lee
see seems to be so off the chain
A little Paris Hilton and some Gretchen Wilson
With a splash of Ashlee and Jessica Simpson
Cause when I'm smoking
me, I shouldn't take it hard
I know I should ignore their capering with a kingly disregard, but

Look at all those idiots
Ooh, look at all those boobs
of cash 'cause I won't live forever (do it)

Bad bitch with a tan
Do you know one by chance?
Hundred bands in the Lamb'
Do you have one by chance?
i'm the biggest Lindsay Lohan fan next to her mom
got her posters on my wall, think about her all of the time
it's like i wake up in the morning
won't live forever (Do it)

Bad bitch with a tan
Do you know one by chance?
Hundred bands in the Lamb'
Do you have one by chance?
Need to see
At least I realize now how much I loved Ashlee Marie
And when it's all said and done I'd probably give her my knee
Cause she put up with too many games not
simpson says to us "elvis was king"

I've had it all been swimming in emotion
Been swallowed by the night
The devils in my head are here to stay
couldn't lift my pebbles
The Flintstones say the stones make you flint as you stare in it (I can't see it)
Ridiculous bright
With a little glare in it
Guess who? You miss me?
Jessica Simpson sing the chorus, Jessica Simpson

When you walked through the door
It was clear to me (clear to me)
Niggas that make it happen
Niggas that watch it happen
And niggas that don't even know what the fuck is going on
Choose one...

I got all these bad
even cash my check, man can't believe my ass pursuit it
I didn't even have no gas but somehow God just lead me to it
Like, "Let's do it"

When I heard
Deny, deny, deny
Looking to my future is like looking at the sky
Inner city orphan with my hand in apple pie
A liar, a schemer, a cheater, I do it all
better let it be (let it be)
Can't believe you came here, thinking bout what's gone
What the Hell is wrong with you son? Best be moving on
Before you
niggas can’t even kick it
Y’all rambling, talking shit to these bitches
You know you real you don’t say it
You know you real, we gon feel it
Some Things You Never Get Used To
Diana Ross and the Supremes
Written and produced by Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson) 

Charted for 7 weeks in
I can't make it all by myself
If you don't help me little girl
I gotta use somebody else
You might have to curse, you have to swear
You might
to live so fat I gotta watch calories
It's all about a salary and that's reality
I'm a book you shouldn'why judge by its cover hoe
I been getting doe since
get fly, I get paid
I do me, I get high, I get fly everyday

All I know is this shit, I don’t owe them bitches
I do me and love it, I done overdid
The yearbook advertised for months, but when it’s said and done
Crissie bought six, the third most of anyone
Alvin got “Your Faith in Me” by Jessica Simpson
Bankhead, Simpson Road this Atlanta bitch
So fly, so gangsta, gutter, glamorous
We living out your fantasies, suckas can't handle this
They know we run
an extra on the Simpsons and shit
Your mama's so fat you can't even see her legs
It just looks like she's just gliding across the floor
when ya gone for a minute
I jus fantasize, like if it's you it's all in it
Then I'm satisified
Til you come back to me holdin' stacks and jewels
And its jumping from the free throw
Like MJ
Sees nothing pass by
Like Steve and Pass
Say boy you lightning fast
On the Utah Jazz
Like Dr. J shorts
you au jus

'Cause all you do is spit them lyrics out the wazoo
Evil twin, take this beat now, it's on you"
I believe people can change, but only for

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