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Cannabis (Serge Gainsbourg) · Bushman Song (John Stubblefield) · Bushman Sings the Bush Doctor: A Tribute to Peter Tosh (Buju Banton)

[habituation to the use of cannabis]
[sung by Ron from Mandrake & arclila acoustic guitar by Tony Perez]
an animal
Betcha she can't handle it when I'm gone off that cannabis
Her brain excellent, my brain scrambling, yeah

Her brain excellent, my brain
I'm a weed plant
A leafy, green plant called cannabis
I'm smuggled in by car or bus
You can wear me for clothes, or you can smoke me up
In cannabis
The Leicester YOP, TEP, instructor
Emerged from corridor
His state-subsidized cannabis haze
Moved reptilian in its all-levelling routine
I said
For pleasure do not disturb. 
For pleasure do not disturb.

Various parts of the world it is called by many names such as  
Pot, grass, sensimila,
fingernail to cut it 

Gut it  then I dump the droppin' out then stuff it full of coffee 

And if you don't know by now coffee is kilo 

In other words
Of educated man
Fermenting in its grace
Everlasting pure
Rancid properties
Now left disconsolate by iniquities
Dwell in the conviction
Now the growing breathes
bust a nut up on a bitch chest
The verbal folklore been explored
And employed by none other than them fools with the gold
And them bankrolls explode
on the paparazzi
We not done, this shit ain't over
We're back with a nation of soldiers
We ain't havin' it
We takin' over kid
Coming through with the cannabis
I'm raw like the coke my boys be sellin' fiends
need to make cream, be financial, make papers
if niggaz front take it by force like a rapist
niggaz look
only need knowledge to help her get sleep
Throw some syrup in the red cup
Watch she blowing on that cannabis

She's just fading away
She's just fading
know I fuck whores outta habit 
Who framed Cube, motherfuck Roger Rabbit! 
'cause I couldn't have and got stabbed in the back 
By a black ass dirty
But the feds are no match
?'cause he and the red-haired girl split the scene
The psilocybin sultan and the cannabis queen
And Franklin shot Tupac
the cocaine and the cannabis
Ain't nothing like it america loves gangsters (he he he he)
Hate stones, but the man you trust
Cause its fun to watch cannon's bust
Money stack up to the ceiling
City of double D
Haven't you gone by it
What you stack up to the ceiling

Money's a devil they tell 'em, but
Infecting our youth,
Change will commend
Arrests were made,

Weed is slowly criminalized
State by state officials were terrified
Mostly minorities that
"Mom, please wake up.
Dad's with a slut, and your son is smoking cannabis."

No one ever listens, this wallpaper glistens
Don't let them see what goes
Be like by bitty bye biddy biddy byebye

Put the blunt down, here's the rundown
Riding sundown slide us out the front
Ill get you high, won't
Uh, feel my heart beating

Ah, Daddy has flown to paradise
He was on dialysis
Life was harder than calluses
Needed a drug, so I'm smoking on cannabis
than calluses
Needed a drug, so I'm smoking on cannabis
Loving them bitches you tappin'
Were probably the same bitches you and your man done hit
dick and can't fuck? Hold up

Now chew 'em up and slam the orange juice
Vitamin C chase, kill the taste
You can tell it's nasty by the look on my face
by the look on my face
Don't get it twisted like a nigga coked up
And druggied down, see Cannabis and mushrooms 
Be coming from the ground, all
that up
Drive by with puppy signs plastered on the truck
Then see how many of they fans could fit inside the trunk
Move over the microwave
Violence makes dollars all the sinner's repent
And this government seems hell bent to boil
Profits line their pockets blood runs for oil
And this cannabis
Mom, please wake up
Dad's with a slut, and your son is smoking cannabis

No one never listens, this wallpaper glistens
Don't let them see what