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Hello everyone
We need a cameraman
Or, a camerawoman 
We just need a camera dude 
We need someone to take
Pictures of us
For our instagram
@ flying
go, I got my shooters with me
I ain't goin' in the club, can't bring my Ruger in it
Ain't no cameraman, but I'll shoot a nigga
Now why they call me
to leave behind
Slomotion Cameraman hits the set once again
The guy who took so long to understand
thats life is like a movie
and the only thing we have
Trappin' all night in skinny jeans, got a bankroll that won't fold up
Shootin' at niggas like they cameraman and that what we call exposure
And we get locked
Can I take your picture?
僕は Air cameraman

that I'm not sticking around here

Cos you see the camera's flashing
And the groupies dancing
But the cameraman can't hide all of your acting, boy
I was a cameraman now
Cameras be on my like action man
Used to be editing videos
Now I be rapping and getting fans
Counting the cash in my other hand
his leg fell off and it fell over... always lying ...and it knocked the HBO cameraman's camera fell out his hand I said, god damn, I couldn't
comfortable B!

I get this money and I stack it, strictly no lackin'
A pussy nigga talkin' shit, my niggas will whack him
The cameraman has got a cannon, my
life parolers
Half the crowd wild, 9 m&m holders
Apply boulders, smash your allied soldiers
Intimate footage roll off the cameraman's shoulder
the cameraman's ready

Work until I drop
Drift from place to place
Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania
scratched into my face

Set your sights on good fortune
de 2.2 grammes
Me d'mande de faire le caméraman
Sauf que, j'suis pas cameraman moi
J'aime pas les gens comme toi moi
Ils veulent me niquer, ça veut
spaghetti she slurp it Italian
Most my niggas got clips like we taliban
Police ask why these clips we some cameraman’s
We gone leave yo ass dead like a dead
As the plot thickens
The cameraman snitching
I need my bands quickened
I need my bitches flicking
Me no politician
Bank head politicking
Shouts out
I've been turning heads I've been leaving a distraction
Need a cameraman just to film their reactions
Ex-girl called me and said
you're told to do 
We don't know who you are but we're better than you  

President dead
Shot in the head 
Cameraman fled 
Cameraman fed 
Ratings improve
like a bug we flying to shit
Wet niggas up you bound to slip
I ain't no cameraman but like a cameraman 
You know I come wit a lot of clips
Loose lips
Cameraman taking mad flicks
They the ones that never add shit

Keep my word so it's golden
Contra poet outspoken
Late nights like I'm Conan
be your cameraman
Before and after pics, posted on ya Instagram
Behind the scenes, get a new perspective
The backdrop is your body, lights, camera,
fades  the group just slipped away.
But the cameraman stands his ground 
Lives the time-lapse frame by frame.

The depth of field becomes your paradigm.
And the only reason to live our home
Is the lack of tobacco and porn
And the actress is acting so bad
The cameraman is getting sad

All my life I suffer
mortal que no survival
Os deuses nem arranha 

Me chama de rei da redstone
Sou apenas um homem
Não tô sozinho
Tenho meu cameraman 

E como toda jornada
did you find?

If someone could show you
Who else was there to see what you might have dreamed?
The cameraman, the flashing lenses, he comes
Who decides when they shoot a spectacular
Until the cameraman's eyesight starts hurting of coarse

And if they say so this songs isn't

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