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Creep time, I'm left behind
I reach for the bottle but it's dead inside
Refine, I'll keep this time
The calming, the leaping, the best in design (New

Calming water once again
Help me to forgive
Calming water once again
Help me to forget

I never see you again
Tell me how it felt
to it
And you'll smile (smile), smile

And I'll descend on these waves (hey)
Slip into the calming waves (hey)

Your known hex
That you strained my
Roaming the wild til we see
Hallelujah, calling me home
Hallelujah, calling me home
Calming me down I grow, Calming me down I grow
No I’m not alone
dom pra esse flow, keep calming
Tudo na vida tem propósito, keep calmin'
To correria pra colher no show, keep calmin'
No meu numero me telefonou, keep
within the gravity
Do I feel some pulse
Do I see my dirt road
Are we headed on back home
Everything slowing down, calming down
Everything slowing down,
calming red is fatal 
Blue is calming red is fatal

I see metal meeting metal 
Will our woman fall unstable 
Blue is calming red is fatal 
Blue is calming
She tries calming down
I know
Oh yeah

She tries calming down
I know, oh I know
And she
And she tries getting out
I know
Oh I know

Don't ask her
Girl, you know what your supposed to do
Drop that bitch
You don't even feel like calming down
And you know he is not gonna drop this shit
Calming waves
Sunny days
Dreamin' of
Your sweet escape
I don't care if you take
My 5 dollar sunglasses
Just please ocean waves don't take my life
Your voice is calming, Saying, "Rest in Me"
I believe all Your truth
Your hope in me is life
Transform my anxious thoughts
In Your comfort I delight
I'm all in my head and it's hard to get out. 
I'm on my way up there's no stopping me now. 
I say watch this watch this. 
There's no calming me down
Nothing much good can really grow on me
As my steely resolve becomes, Steely Reserve
I become drunk on finding problems and calming the nerves

digging, digging, digging
It's alarming how charming it is to be a-farming
How calming and balming the effect of the air

Well, I farmed for a year
Calming the sun down
I'm under the gun now

On the road but I'm on the run
It ain't no fun when you're under the gun
We made a deal but
you park the car relax and listen

Let's just take it slow for a start
'Coz rushing me will be in vain
Listen to the Calming Rain
Nothing's wrong with
I want to feel that Ocean Love
My lands are not enough
I want to feel that calming touch
You want to think of our loss
I want to feel that Ocean Love
the lines yes knowingly, oh knowingly, it's so good 
The mood is calming 
Calming so softly, so softly, so softly
We're flowing it's poetry 
Tryna' read in
i want your mouth
Telling me to stay but im leaving out
Money calling me right now
Money calming me right down
Just need some racks and some loud
No way I'm not calming down no no
Whoa, whoa, damn
No, no way I'm not calming down no no
High as ever, I'm not coming down oh no
Turn me up they told
We're all old fashioned
Let your radio guide you tonight

I'm calming the sea
I'm calming you now
I'm calming you now

All in a moment
We will
to give you belle follow you go

Calm down make i love you
Calming down calming down
Omoge calm down make i love you
Ah ah, ah ah
Ehh baby calm down make i
Upon their feet again
Walking on the waves
Calming stormy seas
Rising from the cold and empty tomb

Causing dead to rise
The paralyzed standing
dweet again

Roll up a fat head
Puff like mi damage
Calming mi nerves
Power power to di herbs
Roll up a fat head
Puff like mi damage
Calming mi nerves

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