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in my heart the size of a truck
it won't be filled by one-night fuck
like a possum
like a possum

calm as an angel

You know me I like
all the sound?
If I lay in pain, by my side would you stay?
If I need you now, would you kindly calm me down?
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, would you kindly
can't, calm me down
You, can't, calm me down
You, can't, calm me down
You, can't, calm me down

Petroleum, inhale it, and take a swig
Heat my brains
Can you come from this love?
I said superman, he's not human here
Calm him down, calm him down
Calm him down, calm him down
Coming down, coming down
calm down nigga
(Steady on the left) Fuck it, blackout niggas!
Oh my Lord

Know when the cats get down
Sprinkle the ash, you’ll get your ass kicked,
him calm

Get him

We so deep underground, the devil came around
But got his tail chopped off by Shaggy the clown

We like it like that, fuck you
No one can find me
Here in my soul
Kicking and screaming
Out of control

Calm myself down
Nobody knows
No one can find me
Here in my soul
Yo! Get away from the door
Everybody get the fuck back
Staten Island, stand up

I live a street life, nothin' but hard times and strife
I be
Hey just step the fuck back and shut up!
Get your motherfuckin' hands off of me!
Calm down, calm down now
Listen, we're gonna go around this corner
to crawl the inner plane
Weave and spin 

Awakened crystal pain through and down by a 
Sent down low scar my soul 
Wall, it comes in waves free
hear me though
Calm down
(Get back)
Calm, down
(Get, back)
And we have the constitutional rights

To bear arms and flare arms, whenever we fear harm
promised to me; when will I stop?
I hit the weed
And hope to god I can fly high.
Witness my enemies
Die when I ride by;
They shouldn'ta tried me.
[??] of black ministers to calm us down 
Bitch fuck peace and the police
Until the bullshit cease it's a war in the belly of the beast
OG's (OG's) 
Dippin down Shaw, fuck all of y'all 
As I bounce rock skate on threes 

We can freak it, freak if you want to, dine if you
of motherfuckers are hot
And want police shot?
You can't stop the shock (?)
The fires are out
But the coals are still hot
I got juice to bring pain
You tryin to fuck
Down the place, come hell riders 
Blood on ice resign breath 
Consumed by this lust into battle 
Staring down the lies of dead 

Skies are mad with
to bring them haters pain now
Nigga Matt Martians told the boy to write a verse
Came in killin' ain't even need to rehearse
Swear I take it down and I
I'm just so far gone
October's own
Please leave me alone
Drunk off champagne
Screaming in the phone
See my house is not a home
Fuck is
Uh, I'm just so far gone
October's on, Please leave me alone
Drunk off champagne screamin' in the phone
See my house is not a home, fuck is goin'
extra heaters nigga?
Let's go ride

Who the fuck, that is, on the side of me
Yo who the fuck, that is, down to get high with me
Yo who
an animal 
Like you always do 
While the dark heart is dawning 
And the sky is as black as you 

I came up in it 
I crash down in it 
It's all good 
like its probably too late for you
She said I understand what rapping do
But I ain't feeding off your attitude
And I'm a need you to

Calm down
calm the fuck down) No, I'm the fuck now
My poppa didn't give one, that's why I'm like this now
I'm still down to cut throat
And if another fan asks for
of books of no return
To bring you near by their calm
Ritual dementia hour to be higher
Prenatal atavism exploding again
Phantasmagorial ones awakening
room, their in my room
Ma'am calm down, deputies are on the way
is the door locked


N N, dup dup, dup double u, a a, a a
N N, dup dup, dup