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As the foundation crumbles as everyone fumbles
To stay afloat
As the bourgeoisie shames us and callously blames us
For their own moat

As the waves crash down,
Mutilating the masses
From their flesh - they'll depart

Callously, their carnage will reign
Paving the way for total obsolescence
Their disease beckons my
a broken eye
He cuddled me with shaking arms and callously I left him dry
Dreams of you in stormy weather keep me up at night
But there’s beauty in the aging
A light reveals itself unto a world of tragedy.
No longer cloaked by darkness and unfrozen from the atrophy. 
Callously ripped from our galaxy!
Lights the way to where I’d go
All the gold I took for granted
Melted down and sold for free
Squandered it as if I’d planned it
Now I’m
And if I ever need a pack
Bro sends it out elaborately
I walk in godly form amongst some mortal men
Feeling like I'm David 'cuz I made it out
A mater of perception will put all of us in our graves 
What decisions made you treat it so callously 
Is it the world that we living in
Or your fucking
Suffer the view from the noose
With one last breath

Tighten the cord of demise
Callously raised to the sky
In violent perdition you'll dwell
Fucked in
upon the carpet pillow
Throttling children callously, a messy day with Clancy

Gideon lied and Gideon died
The force of China felt
Gideon smiled
the cab 

Coldly observing, callously reserving 
A drivers time 
Automated autonomy 
Playing on his mind 
The spy in the cab 

The spy in the cab
the cab 

Coldly observing, callously reserving 
A drivers time 
Automated autonomy 
Playing on his mind 
The spy in the cab 

The spy in the cab
right back in your arms again.

Words thrown so callously like weapons when we fight,
But when they cut too deep, I wanna leave it all behind,
I have
I recall the way that Stephanie said to me callously
It's not me it's you

And I remember just how Julianne held my hand headline ran
It's not me
Coldly observing -- Callously reserving
A drivers time
Automated autonomy
Playing on his mind
The spy in the cab.

The spy in the cab.

An eye for an eye
stepping into a bar
The band is playing that sweet sound
But a window's open wide to screeching brakes from the cars
This song is being callously drowned
a Dwight show
You wanna battle a star, step in my galaxy
I'm callously flexing my cavalry, savagery
Hassle me any way you need
Cause in a couple years I'll
the billions
When there's money to gain
How can someone hold a life in their hands
And callously take it away?
We are the enemy
We are the enemy
We are the enemy
mind, these sleepless nights
Sorting through the truths and lies
She callously called me to say we should just be friends
You wanted something new
But I
Till she swallows, I may sound like a shrewd hollow
Soulless meaningless entity, just my existence is an anomaly
I cackle callously, borderline
say that you were proud?
Another lesson I didn't need
At least not now, least not so callously (At least not like that)
I lay in bed hoping I stay
Scarring me callously
Discredit every word I say 
Erase every trace of me

I'll fucking make them see
That they're all prey in a web of deceit
a note
And then escaped my life
So callously wrote
That you were tired of the fighting
And weary of keeping your eyes fixed on me

So I'll try try try 
Majesty we was living a fallacy
You handled me callously
You left and it felt like tragedy
I Tried to build you up you only let Me down
Where’s the love
It has never occurred to me to judge a book by it’s cover
So read it carefully!
Why do you look at me so callously?
I’m not a bloody

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