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gettin' cooler by the day
5 a.m. travelers, bleary eyed and lonely
We're all countin' miles and tradin' lanes
But if I stopped to call you
What would I
Yeah most of all
I love
I love the tree's of gold
Against the blue
October sky
I love to feel the sea
Runnin' over my feet
As the waves
October, in October,
We report our victories to you, our Revolution.
And to the heritage left by you for us
I'll have a blue Christmas without you
I'll be so blue thinking about you
Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree
Won't by the same dear if
Beck here the leaves are turning
On me just like you
Change is full of color
And it's anything but blue

I thought that I'd stop living
a blue refrigerator, satellite and DVDs
A cozy little couch and Motorola TV
She loved to watch those pretty boys with California style
Like a jealous
Calmed the heart of a lonely lady,
You kept me flying high,
And the leaving easy.
And it's Dallas in the rain,
And I was dreaming.

October winds
of blue.
We'll spend a heavenly day,
Here where the whispering waters play.
There's a whippoorwill that's calling you,
By a waterfall, he's dreaming too.
T-Bone Steak Blues Trk 6 Dsc 1 3:40 
Sleepy John Estes
(John Adams Estes)
James 'Yank' Rachell - Vocal & mandolin
Sleepy John Estes - guitar
It was the morning of October 6th, 1960
I was wearing my brown suit
Preparing to leave the house of D.
Shook some hands then adios Brooklyn amigos
leaving in the morning
Far away from you
Yes I'm taking that step
I'm gonna jump in the blue
Falling, ending my depression
It's calling, oh my
ever done
Is break my heart

Won't you send down an angel
From the blue
To show me the righteous
Thing to do
Oh, I'm calling out to you
Send down
October leaves are falling, so am I
A harvest moon is calling me and I know why
The traffic's like a symphony in blue

In the autumn air I smell
Jerry Jeff Walker

Texas in October, is about as pretty as it gets
But Texas in the springtime, is even prettier yet
You miss it so much when you
the water pull you down
Blue water
Feel the river pulling you down
Its deeper underground
And rocks that pass them by
Blue water
Feel the river pulling
And all your wishes come true
Burlesque and blue
The carnival's calling to you

Your peace of mind
Will come in time
You'll understand all you
"Boy, you just don't know how lucky you are!"

It's whippin' me, it's whippin' you
Turnin' black, turnin' blue, hell no

Now I'm just a statue in
don't you be sad 
Cause I'm the best friend that you ever had 

You know you really got nothin' to lose 
Just pick up the phone and get rid of those blues
stream where I can drift and dream.
And now I'm waiting for you.

By a waterfall I'm calling you.
We can share it all beneath a ceiling of blue.
So we can sit together
Side by side through amazing

Blue skies
Calling on blue skies
Don't take them away boys
Don't take them away
'Cause I'll
And every sign of autumn now is bound to make me blue
The last time I had autumn I had you
The last time I had autumn I had you

The crooked streets
calling now for you.

Flower people walk on by
Flower people don't you cry
It's not too late
It's not too late.

Listen, it's like a Mozart symphony
on the operating table
Praying for Canibus to slice you from head to navel
You banned from TV, banned from CD's
Banned from DVD's and downloadable MP3s
Studio orchestra
Vocal by vaughn monroe
Intro by orchestra. then;
Hawaiian sunset, blue shadows falling,
Hawaiian magic, and lovely you
If you haven't got bananas, don't be blue
Peanuts in a little bag are calling you
For at the very break of day
A peanut vendor's

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