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The God Of The SerExplainengeti
The lion king

I like that y'all consider me the bad guy
Big guns everywhere, bullets where I pass by
My blood’s
Or catch me on the dancefloor feeling some tits
Sex sells, so I'mma P-I-M-P
So my pockets never be empty
It ain't no problem, we scoop them models
We got
from Nutty Blocc, we tied our bandanas
And for my little nigga Frog I gotta stay active
Blood in, Blood out, what's brackin'?

Shoutout to my
letters under candle, delivered by camel
Layin in a dug-out channel's kinda hard to handle
So I say a little prayer to my maker in this blood filled place
Calling the police  calling the G men 
Calling all americans to war on the underworld 

All I need is money  and I'm getting that money tonight
player hatin' me
I den been a lot of places, I strapped around
But I never found a town like Uptown
Out, lounge all day, smoke weed by the pound
I cruise
The critics can criticise but we’re the crème dele crème
Me and P-Dela we blend what they’re calling the standard
Still standing while they’re screaming when
good, you can't read or write
A bittin' kid that'll get twist if he front, no publicity stunt
His life flashes by his eyes quicker than Black History