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I call forth the cold
The coming signs of winter
The coming signs of winter

Black hands raised to the sky
Silhouettes of trees with no more
command - bring the key
Rise from the depths
See the fire in my wand

Ia iak sakkakh iak sakkakth
Ia shaxul

I call forth the god pazuzu
I call
He was a man of miracles

Fighting the solar windstorm
A winged horse guides his way
Oracle of the ancient midnight
Calls forth everlasting pain
From the North
I call Thee forth
O mighty Odin
Lord of the spear
Fettered by fear
Curse all those
Who do oppose our fight
Victory is near
As it spread across the night
It detects
And protects
As its light it calls forth

Einstein, Edison, Tesla, Eddington
Prometheus was the one
Great dragon, I call you forth
Downbreaker of thought and form
Come to me in power and clothe me up
With the darkness of eternity lift my up
Desolate and Forsaken,Eerily Moaning Dark Winds
Murmur Incantations,Dusk Calls Forth Shadows
Spirits of the Glorious Dead Lingering,Bound to this
right Behold...Lucifer ion right of the silver star Call forth the legion of the flame Invoke the wrath of Dagon Black sorcery be thy name Falling into
a right now praise
That's already in me

Praise, a right now praise
Praise, a right now praise
Praise, a right now praise
Call it forth

crimson life 
Her blood is spilled to call forth lucifer to rise 
Drowning in pain, desperation 
Awaiting death and everlasting hell damnation 
To You, Jesus

Where the evening fades
You call forth songs of joy
As the morning wakes
We, Your children give You praise

You are magnificent
receive Your rain

Every seed, buried in sorrow
You will call, forth in its time
You are Lord, Lord of the harvest
Calling our hope, now to arise

the nothingness

Behold Orgy Of Bestial frenzy

Destroy my mortal form with forbidden words I call you forth

Transform servants to essence of Chaos
We all exist
the book of human flesh
The daemons on the other side awaits
Summon the evil forces of the seven lords
Secret seal before your eyes
Call forth the evil
the morning

You will both lay down in peace, and you will sleep
Where morning dawns and evening fades God calls forth songs of joy
He'll sing to you
by mortals too.
I see the dissolution, the return of chaos
And maybe the rise of a new order?
I call forth the storm of punishement upon the earth,
Take a deep breath, calm down
Call forth composure
And you'll see it's not worth it my friend

It makes you return to come back again
It makes you
As life begins to fall apart

Shapeless beings call forth to be one with them
Achieving immortality through the process of decomposition
The selfish
Raise the rusty knife, let loose the blood of Kingu

Sudden death throws off the balance that's within the sky
Priest calls forth infernal names
I am proud to be in such hierarchical progeny
From Daffy Duck and Tweety Bird to Babs and Buster Bunny

To suit my mood I can call forth a lot
The priest prepares for the dying
Satan consumes the victim
As the black mass comes to the end

Lord of darkness, hear the call
Come forth
Commander of hosts
In the name of the covenant sworn
Between thee and I
Call to thee, come forth from hell
Hearken and come

To my lord and master Satan
the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.
He calls to the heavens above and to the earth, that he may judge his people

"Gather to me my faithful ones, who
Lord below, your abysmal horrors we call forth
Awaken -- rise up and cleanse this earth with fire

The taste of victory awaits our wicked tongues

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