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don't blame you 
Lord knows I don't blame you 

I hate California 
One more beach day come and gone 
And by the time you've finished gazing
the Beach Boys gone  Wiped out by tidal waves
No more surfing on oil kissed beaches  
The earth is changing and rearranging
No one left there meditating
Isn't she supposed to be in California?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Man in the mirror said, 'Boy, I tried to warn ya'
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I know
East Oakland, yeah, that's right

Oakland, California, West Coast life
You either play the game or you smoke the pipe
I became a rapper at the age
"Moving up!" "East Oakland, yeah that's right" (Repeat 4x)

Oakland, California, West Coast life
You either play the game or you smoke the pipe
bud, sippin Coronas in Long Beach, California
But I promised my momma I would make it to the top
And use this rap to put her in the drop
She the main
live in California, drive a drop top
Roll by the beach, look at the freaks
jump in my car, I do it every week
DJ's who know call me Mister Short
One, two, one, two, three, quattro

John was living in Ocean Beach, 
California with his girlfriend, Julie, when he decided one day, 
"Hey, Jule,
hard to maintain for so long, man
From Long Beach, California, from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tonight "warning the award is" from Mississippi, I know ya
anybody K, California all day
Yessir, on the curb, Mossberg by the band
Little homies on the roof with the blam-blam-blam
Long Beach, popping pill on 'em
guard... and finishing
("That's enough overdramatics. Give me that gun before someone gets hurt.
Stand by...")
With, uh, the beach woman clad in

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