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When I take the nation tell em it weren't even calculative
I did 24hrs on my knees that day
When I come through I ain't saying please that day
you think making your decision I'm dumb
Manipulative, Calculative, and a pet, you thought
I didn't know I couldn't see,
The spade and plain plan for
calculative, I bet you thought

I didn't know, I couldn't see
The spade displayed your plan for using me
You'd better bet your counterfeit, it's time to say
I want it felt, touch life's villains 
Start drilling, start ampin out 
Hitting them with autos campin out 
With autos innovative, calculative
toes foot down
Ten Toes foot down
Y'all hurry up now
Calculative moves like a mathematician
Empty pockets with a vision
On a mission
the way you want it
Calculative measures, Just to make it work
Sacrificing pleasures, Just to bring you love
I guess I was a fool never was enough
1+ 7
See your calculative waka
Like say na mathematics abi na algebra
And your quantitative something
Wey no dey yarn see as e fine come look like
and desire for absolute fame        
Calculative insolence ruthless massacres         
Sadistic orgies of the Bestial Dames           	

Bloodthirsty beasts
statues that rise
We stoned men
I move cautious 
And stay by the side of my close friends
Them dudes watchin'
Calculative in they own right
Them dudes

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