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They ain't fucking with my melody 
I feel like calboy people tryna envy Me 
I pull up i gotta know who next to Me
Diamonds dancing like they 3D 
I feel like Calboy
I got these people
Envy me

Fuck it
At the liquor store
None of these niggas
Carding me
Say you want
you got a problem 
And nigga you got something we could solve it 
Trap hard feel like Calboy 
Goyard on the bag boy 
No purse this a satchel
Want smoke
calboy the way that y'all the envy me

N**** I roll up that geek, praying I stay on my feet, and never be the one deceased 
I stay in the streets, till'
like Calboy cause I know they gone envy me
I know they hating these niggas ain't feeling me
Don't fuck with no rats but I'm getting plenty cheese
Came up
never signed to Def Jam, I told Gotti I'll sign to him
Shout out to the city, they gon' envy like I'm Calboy
I don't know what you heard 'bout me
me guiando
Os mangueboy sao calboy
Que se foda esses fa boy
Meu rap potencia mundial
Pernambucano sempre teve voz
Os mangueboy sao calboy
Que se foda
reverse it
Never good enough, but I'm still tryna be perfect
Call me Calboy cos they envy me
Like why they keep comparing me
And I'm sick of all
like calboy
But ay shout out to calboy
I'm brave just like a cowboy ah ha
Now they saying that a nigga changed
But back then my pockets had lint
baby she fuck wit me
Got yellow Diamonds just like Lenny
I feel like calboy they envy me

I'm like a cowboy got tha smith and Wessons
My niggas riding ya
route but Ian signed with PRE
After I fuck i guarantee that bitch remember me
Member I was broke now I ball like Cp3
I feel like Calboy cause these niggas
lights down
I'm just a wild, wild boy
Chopper ridin' 'round for him
I need my mils like Meek
I'm a thug like Thug and and Cal, Calboy

Fresh out
ain't in the field, you a top boy
We gon' tie that boy up like a cowboy
I'm the one that they envy like Calboy (yeah)
Broke bitches ain't allowed (you
heavenly but I am not a God

They envy my bars like I'm Calboy
Anywhere I go they make bread when I'm around boy
Fresh lemonade drip, extra ice
Y'all ain't
on right track
Don't trust these niggas got my head on a swivel
Can't have you around the team cause you might rat
Man these niggas envy me like I'm Calboy
rhymes nigga that what I speak
Yeah these niggas gone envy me like Calboy
I remember a nigga tried to slime me out he was a foul boy
I hit him with that
Ball just like I'm Jimmy
That greatness got it in me
Money I need plenty 
No calboy but they envy
Better tellem wish me well
Like lucci I'm
half if u split like a wife 
He look tuff butt he really a bitch like a dyke 

I was raised ina deep end like calboy 
MGK Bitch ima wild boy 
Been wackin
they think I'm trendy 
No calboy them boy wanna envy 
I'm 3Double like chief and Keef 
And I'm otf I ain't talking bout Durk 
And this shit is merched
for me fuck nigga ima be where your bitch be
I been feeling like Calboy getting to that bag all these niggas envy
Let her put in her mouth and she gone
focus on ending me 
Calling me Calboy cause they start to envy me
Ice on my neck, now it's feeling like 10 degrees 
You a fuck boy cause you got all
Got me screaming this
Don’t Play wit my mind
Pain I’m grieving wit
My brother hung wit ones
Act more like frenemies
Ain’t no Calboy but they envyed me
I feel the hate from the enemies 
All of the lying, they faking their energy 
I feel like Calboy, I think that they envy me 
Im rocking Prada, I'm
My pockets bloated like I fucked a hoe with no Plan B
No alphabet I'm shooting you as long as I can C
Like Calboy, man I know these niggas

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