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of Cabernet
How many minutes slip away
How many times were you gonna check your phone
I'm telling you if you were mine
You wouldn't be sitting here counting
sigas, no le digas
No le pidas que diga que no
Cabernet y smoking
Nunca acepto un no
Cómplice de todo
Affair del gran playboy
He talks in bouquets
I drink it up like a cabernet
He knows when to call
And just what to say
He talks in flowers 
And it feels like thorns
flushed like the first time buzz on Cabernet
Boots on the bleachers, the edge-of-the-seaters, just watchin' you entertain

You show up and put a spell
You know that song, oh what's the number
Here we go again

Spiraling, spiraling
Spiraling, out of control
No one (She's going to get you) no
And asked where all that money went


Some was spent on Gambling, a lot was spent on women
A Little on some good Cabernet
Three or Four
"Shit is crazy right?"
I ain't your baby no more

Been about two weeks since you went away
I'm about halfway through a Cabernet
Part of me wants to tear it down
I thought you might prefer the Cabernet 

Civilization, its all about sex
Havin' a ball in a padded banquet
Hey hey hey yeah
Hey hey hey yeah
Hey hey hey yeah

Well I can't lie from time to time I could use the wine from a girl's night;
Cabernet won't
There ain't nothing missing in this life I'm living 
As long as you're in it

Don't care if it's a dressed up five star, Cabernet, cavier
Or an old
through, I hardly knew she'd come, but when she did she weighed on my mind all the next long morning.

I'm kissing Cabernet, and wish for something
Or maybe we could switch the driver
Have some mercy and Kevorkian me to sleep
You're cockroach with cabernet
But taste like a Milky Way
another glass of Cabernet
She's searching hard for something to say
He's got that little too late look on his already gone face

Look through each other
Too bad I don't get my own way
Want champagne, all they got is cabernet
And I'm wastin' all my time
I feel good but there's a tear in my eye
time for you to quit. Take a last swig of that Cabernet. 

But, I tell you my friend I won't forget you. 
And the world's not clean, but they get mad

Que ganas de comerme tu lengua con batatas why un buen cabernet.
why un chomp de dos con veinte ,
imbecil autoservice
used to steal my Daddy's cabernet
Never thought it would turn into a rattlesnake
Thinkin', everything will be all right
If we could get thru the week
It's not the red of the dying sun
The morning sheets surprising stain
It's not the red of which we bleed

The red of cabernet sauvignon
A world
The cigarettes all burn like hay (hey! hey!).
A yellow jersey stained red, cabernet.

Two little songs...
Chorus-Verse, and you can't go wrong.

above the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Exotic celebration
In the trenches filled with skeletons.
Paradise celebration
On the clouds flying round the world.
It's not the red of the dying sun
The morning sheets surprising stain
It's not the red of which we bleed

The red of cabernet sauvignon
A world
She take me high like jet plane
First class like cabernet
No, she ain't no one way round trip
Curves oughta have their own runway
Another Saturday, no plans
I'm trying to find a way to entertain my friends
I get the Cabernet, a couple chairs
Leave the heels at home, not
oigas hablar (¡cállate!)
Ahora te callas y a escuchar, no hay más (¡Oh!)
¿Quién quiere tu respeto cuando tengo el millón? (¡Dime!)
Cabernet Sauvignon

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