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Doo Doo Brown
Monastery, Chicken head
Bust a Juke, hit the Jit
Cabbage patch, Bankhead
Butterfly, Tootsie Roll
Lean wit' it rock wit' it
the butterfly
The cabbage patch
Do the cabbage patch, cabbage patch, cabbage patch, cabbage patch
The cabbage patch
Cabbage patch, cabbage patch, cabbage patch,
of things that creep
The rubbish bags have split and I'm through caring

As long as nature shows its hand
And weeds are pulled and cabbage stands
do the cabbage patch, butterfly, and boggle with my clothes off
But that's a different chapter
I've even got more rhymes than there's groupies
A butterfly conference in the garden
All the butterflies meeting
Orange and black everywhere
Not even a single cabbage white
Summer vibes, come alive
Colourise, butterflies
Rum and ice, couple wines
Bump and grind, country drives
Booking flights, loving life

Me I pull
Nigga, I'm on the map, damn, wait, what
Huh? Man, look how it seems
I'm gettin' this cabbage, I'm countin' up all the green
Shot a nigga, left a scene
Get my drank
Starbucks coffee 
With some shtank

When I go
Hit the floor
Wings spread like
Butterfly doors
Uh huh
Butterfly doors
Butterfly doors
You went away and became a butterfly, I think
And so I say your name when they flutter by
Oh, cabbage white

And the spider says that it's the soul
taxin fucc niggas a fee for the cabbage
The love to cause friction but run from the static, I'm wit it wats craccin

Gimme a second to roll up a baccie
really be confused with anybody
'cause there's something like Mister Mohammed Ali in his prime
then I float like a butterfly and sting with the rhyme
and cabbage greens, spring onion
Garlic kimchi, dill, fennel, basil, oregano and parsley
Your order-in has just arrived it's death products, no surprise
shoes suede, but don't fuck with no Elvis
I'm from the era of real shit, kill or be killed shit
Kill or be real quick, float like butterfly
Sting like
I was mad dip
Butterfly collars and shit
Chains from the slave ship
Dreads with the wave kit
Bifocals and wing-tips
Velvet pants and a velour
For caterpillarin' - my rap caters like plants
Rap insects build eggs to propagate
To a butterfly phase to flaunt beauty
Wings fully detailed, all
I'm fed up wit that
Now I think ya'll plottin'
Tryin' to case my house
Scopin' out my cabbage (it's cool!)
I should start shootin' folks in
Live kind of lavish
Just like a rabbit
Running through this cabbage
I got to get more so I'm packing my baggage
Call O.Z for the deluxe package
She want a job bring a cv
She see me all on tv
Mahfuckers wanna be me
Yous a rat like Mickey
Butterfly doors playing peek-a-boo
When you get money you
Sail is on my mast
I be spitting facts
Feeling butterflies
Time it really flies
Just like all the lies
Just like all the crimes
Holding memories, tryna
I just do my best sustaining in this plastic planet 
It was just a couple hundred
What's the issue? 
I'm still waiting for my bread from when  rents
cheese like it’s Qdoba (Qdoba)
I just used to feel nothing inside yea I was savage (Savage)
Now I get the butterflies when (Redacted) bring that package
the cabbage
You prayin
For thot thats not yours
You silly rabbit
Account surely sadden
Im in the game no madden
I’ma black quarter back
You just
Like summertime is the only time y'all want to grind
Y'all butterflies with no effect, better show respect
Before both hands try to close your neck

They calling me Shooter McGavin
I keep taking it out its a habit
After I dealt with em they patching up, just like cabbage

Anybody want these

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