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We do squeeze, thought it's not right
But that's the zone that we left in
Bentleys, Porches, DRJ watches

Sick with the bread, Lamborghini trucks
to the words that I wrote on the disc
Thelonius, my description is do-rags, pants sag down to my feet
AK is my heat, everyday in the street till I lay six feet
Well down south we drivin bentleys and jaguars
And we play all our hoes like a game of flash cars

Down south we bout that dolla dolla
Can't you tell by my cut why I'm pimpin'
And if I hit one time she's limpin'
And if he trick one dime he's simpin'
'Cause we don't do it like
try to pull me over but my rims done blinded em
Cus I got 4 models in the back of my truck
18" Bazooka bumpin my stuff
Waking the BLOCK UP!

[Verse 3:
the weed spot, pounds of purp, bowl of cereal
Cartoons is on, my favorite shit is The Smurfs
Now I don't slip when I'm down in the dirt, 
cause by this