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to the game
Cant be selling c.d's 'n' still selling dem thangs
Cause bitches drop names 'n' bring a lot of problems
'N' puttin' something in they head
much I push the cash money, they don't believe me 
Turn on the DVD, and the c.d 
Don't watch me, homeboy watch T.V 
Head rest, 7.5 Clarion 
You ain't
nine said run the place
Took my girl, stereo, c.d plus the tape
Yo star, don't wet that
Fucked her face lets stuff the plays
Jet back to santa cruz
won't, get the best of me

[Verse 3]
Aiyyo, 20 years from now, and I rich or am I broke?
Am I digging dirt from ditch's trying to my c.d out?
Do I sit
like Snowden
Trust me, even if you don't see me
I'm working so I don't get rusty, cause I'm born to do it like C.D
These guys try cuss me and they

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