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stepped into a diner by the scales where he stopped to weigh
He looked at me I'm the waitress there and we all heard him say
Pour me a piece of coffee
we come to get busy 
Deep in roots  but my name ain't Kizzie 

Many many march 'cause I'm heavy on the starch 
Never tell a farce when I scale
First you gotta clean'em then the butcher cuts'em up
Throws it on a scale throws an eyeball in a cup

Saw a big Brangus Steer standing right over there
alone, and back-back back-back
Cause I'm C. Weezy, the young black Mack with fat stacks


Slim Thugger done hit more dimes, in my time
but that's okay
You call me Big Daddy anyway
And make me feel good 'bout my medium wood
She got her eyes closed, rockin' me well
Tryin' hard to get
Sonny, talkin' to C. I love you but can't trust you
It's me and Mister, 's like A.C. and O.J.:
Everybody know we all about that all day
Tell ya again,

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