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In memory of you, dear old pal

(Words and Music by C. E. Snow รข?? Hank, The Singing Ranger)G7 see E see see G7 G7 see Gdim G7Everything has gone
or a beat from my niggas it'll cost ya
Franklins, Benji's
Euro dollars gotta count up all my curren
C. Renee rollin' marijuana, G5 currently
the rock)
Kicking right inna your what's it not
I could rock longer but fair is fair
So C. Brown are we in the clear? (Yeah!)
C. Brown are we in
They All Asked For You 3:40
(J. Modeliste, A. Neville, C. Neville
L. Nocentelli, J. Porter)
Rockin' Dopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters
Album: Super
free," like AZ... baskin' in the riches of this hip hop M you S I C. 
'Cause when the 
east is in the house, "Oh My God!" Is right. I know girls
this thick, hopin 
It's my n**** Blake C. 
'Cause sometimes these cat's like to fool you 

Check it, let me school you 
Remember when I said those