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Widespread Panic (Widespread Panic) · Black Is Brown and Brown Is Beautiful (Ruth Brown) · Brown and Roach/Study in Brown/New Star on the Horizon (Clifford Brown) · James Brown Plays James Brown: Yesterday and Today (James Brown) · Georgia Brown Sings Gershwin/Georgia Brown (Georgia Brown) · Panic (MxPx) · Panic On (Madder Rose) · Panic Prevention (Jamie T.) · Don't Panic (Coldplay) · Panic (Panic) – and 90 other albums »

into effect immediately 
To put an end to the current widespread decline in public moral standards. 

"And, just a minute, there he is. I can see Mr.
[Bootie Brown/Frank Fiction]
Pharcyde make mad hits, see ya man through
Some lab test, grab vest while I commence
To execute with acute precision, cause
Uh, c'mon, yeah.
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take it back, take it back.
If I... Fox boogie, ragtop, six drop,
Get caught, think not, light Brown,
(Ain't no lockin' up)
Shake less of that Catholic cool
Push panic, the button, and freeze
A's for Amen, J's for the Jenifa
Oh Jennys, oh please
ballistics plus I'm wreckin' every show
Sew it up, ya got static?
'cause I'm better than the next chump so don't panic
'cause I'm a wet you with my skills,
the clock, and I can't stop countdown, 
hear the sound see Boogie Brown.. 
(Uptown Saturday night) 125 we arrive so live from New York, 
word life. You know
But what's good for the goose, is still good for the gander

I don't believe Bob Marley died from cancer
31 years ago i woulda been