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Take my hand, pretty baby, bye bye
Hope you'll understand

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Goodbye, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-by
Goodbye, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-by
(Goo-ood, bye
It's not the way that love is meant to be 
You took me by surprise but now I see 
You know this heartache-night is killing me 

(Baby bye-bye
Make me feel like stayin' and I sympathize.
But there's a mystery in the night, and people a-passin' by.

Makes me want to give it up, goodbye Baby
Guess it's bye bye, baby, bye bye
You know it

Oh, so good I could just live for this lie
Oh, 'cause everybody wants to get by

It's too easy
did I say? I didn't see this coming
Why why, baby why
For the last two months I was
Kissing you goodbye
Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye
Baby why, shawty
to have you all the time
Bye bye baby blue
I'll be seeing you

Bye bye baby blue
I hate to say goodbye
Bye bye baby blue
Must go before I
Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye
Kissing you goodbye
Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye

Oh baby, how, can you leave me like this?
Through all the smiles and all
And it's gonna be a cold, hard night
Now that I finally see
How I need him to be
Right here by my side
There goes my baby
Bye, bye, baby
be surprised to find
My little good-byes

Empty hangers by the closet floor
Lipstick tube on the bathroom floor
Unpaid bills by the kitchen phone
her heart,
I don't wanna see her cry!
When I promised her forever,
That I'll be by her side.

How do I tell her, tell her, tell her goodbye?

Baby things look much different now 
On this side of good-bye.
Can't you find it in your heart somehow?
To give our love just one more try
Next time around the block
You go by my door baby
Walk on till you're gone away
Walk on till you find some day
Oh honey
Good-bye goes a long long
Love to hear that evening train go by
Love to hear that evening train go by
'Specially when my baby's in my mind

Love to hear that lonesome
Earth, without you
We all live, and we all die
But the end is not good-bye
The sun comes up, and seasons change
And through it all, Love remains
believe the word is
Good-bye, bye baby, bye, bye.

I was only telling a lie, 
There ain't no need to act 
Like I shot your dog, no.
I was only telling
they're sayin' that I never tried to stay by your side 
Oh baby baby they'll take you for a ride 

You always let me down (x3) 
You always 

You talk
bothered to try
So baby bye bye

On the outside
Baby's such a pretty girl
On the inside baby ain't so pretty
Pretty soon she'll find a lonely

Of what once was a happy home
Now we're sitting here all alone
Could this be that it was all a lie
And we're just afraid to say good-bye
many times a broken heart can mend
Oh and when I get back on my feet, Lord, I always fall again
Bridges burned, lies, good-byes
They've all dealt some
To remember me by
Somethin' that lasts forever
'Cause our love is for all time

Baby, I may be gone tomorrow
But I'm here with you tonight
I'll be holdin'
And I'll coming to say goodbye
Took inside and maids by buck-bye
More than dreams and the bottom come
When she would come back, right and well
the tears and the sadness you gave me
When you said goodbye, you said good bye

So walk on by, don't stop
Walk on by, don't stop
Walk on by, don't stop
the tears and the sadness you gave me
When you said goodbye, you said good bye

So walk on by, don't stop
Walk on by, don't stop
Walk on by, don't stop
suffer some, and I said

Hold on now, baby.
This could be the last time we stand
This could be the last time that we say good-bye
The picture shatters
this to me?
Our baby's leaving home
I've been living alone for so many years
Bye-bye, oh bye-bye, goodbye