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AGNES DEI Lyrics & Music by Michael W. Smith
WORTHY Lyrics & Music by Don Moen

From the recording: Offerings, Track #4.

Alleluia, Alleluia
For our
Breeding love

Windstorm promised
The teeth strained
Eyes see glory
Rings end in slow
Death wash out
Your wound, rings
End in slow death

they tore his heart in two
And he survived by pouring whiskey on the wound

Another faithless heart
Locked inside a neon tomb
Hiding in the dark
never turns to 


always suffers the wound, never turns 

from love 

never turns to hate 

saved by the river now 

always suffers
of love would take Your shame
And spill His blood for You
And save us by His wounds?

By Your wounds we are healed
(Tell me what kind of love is
other - body, mind, and soul

He gives his money freely cause he can't give himself completely
There are wounds in the way.
He cannot bear to be
The sky went dark
The Angels wept
The Father looked away

The final breath
He bowed His head
The lamb of God was slain

By His wounds I am
I walk by your house
To see if you were at home
It was my only chance
I felt so alone
It always seems
I get so wound up
To feel so let down
´t hide your heart of stone
I´m haunted by memories from distant times
Fires will burn, he´ll never return from Avalon
Recovering his wounds in this lost
from the canyon took and healed my wounds instead 
The girl from the canyon she don't need to know what I had done 
She laughed with me in
my wounds

God isn't on your side
Not even on His mind
? pass you by
Time is coming
To heal ?
Time is coming to get through
I put my ? up
is trying to break in
'Cause the wound is where the light gets in

You can recognize a saint by the scars they don't disguise
You can pick a real
Rag weed tall better hope that his ladder don't crack
Or he'll hit the ground low, hard and out of  his back
At the battle at the bottom
(Wayne Kemp)

Well I really had a ball last night 
I held all the pretty boys tight 
I was feelin' single, seein' double 
Wound up in a whole lotta
made of now
Attractive I don't care
'Cause even when I danced with life
no one was there to share

Does this voice the wounds of your soul?
Clinging on to life
By the skin o'my teeth

My blood flows through the streets
Deluge from the wounds
Empty jars of sleeping pills
On the dresser in my room
clearly, only myself left to blame
People drawing near me, 
Like a moth pulled by the flame
Now I feel like a man who has lost his way

Nothing is real
Show me
Show me
Show me the go

This guy once said
That the tires only flat on the bottom
But that guy wound up dead
When his girlfriends daddy shot him
hard earned money to the Lord
Harley started drinkin' wound up in Betty Ford to see if he could by a
happy ending
Then some kid who worked in Harley's
him from the prison hospital and to see him in that chair
I swear his smile would, would far more quickly call a man to prayer

Maybe, maybe I don
with every lie
And stitch these wounds with me tonight

Liar, liar, liar, oh

The tears we've cried, this love has died
You're by yourself with me
a zealot unleashed 
And sighting the end through a scope of righteousness 
That's blinded by blood on the lens, he won't stop 
Until his claws reach his
Clinging on to life
By the skin o'my teeth

My blood flows through the streets
Deluge from the wounds
Empty jars of sleeping pills
On the dresser in my room
And some will remember
Time heals all wounds they say
She can't let them
Take her boy away

This son, oh, she would die without
Don't let these days of doubt
Hidden to the naked eye
Poisoned by atrocities
Slow death seeps rotting out of the soil

An empty shell of his former self
A breathing corpse,