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Eyes white and dried with no life in you
Butchered dead
I copulate the armless carcass
Slice the neck
Then drain the flesh
Live butchered livestock
Whole family killed and tossed in the bushes
It's a massacre bringing out the faces of death
Ayo, Wigs, tell priest how they murdered the rest
Whole family killed and tossed in the bushes
It's a massacre bringing out the faces of death
Ayo, Wigs, tell priest how they murdered the rest
want it bad
I want to new body that's strong
I'm a butchered cow

I want to try and fly
I want to try and die
I want to be a pig
I want to fuck
In the refrigerator number 29
the body's not dead yet.
No identity established
for a body to be butchered.
The coroner will slice anyway
marked for murder
More victims to capture


Bodies hang dead
Drained of all their blood
Pieces sewn on backwards
Neck with no heads
living in this shit
Cast iron hate, black angels to the right

Steaming locomotive
She's past the '68
Butchered on the highway
There's glitter on the rain
to lose my shit
And shoot Allen in the face
Then shoot myself

(You totally butchered that song.
You totally butchered my life)
a true last goodbye

Oh, I stand like a dog
Until I'm buried by the absence
Only butchered by delivery
For the outside world I see

Oh, can I least
It doesn't matter who you are, this is it
There's a simple life the moment you decide
Raggy bones meet a butchered heart, this is it
dark and deadly days
I've seen cities bombed and butchered to the ground
I've seen battles by the score
I've seen ten too many wars
And it's all with
one senator's son
Will die in the glory of the desert sun
The mother of all battle
Bodies, crippled bodies, butchered bodies
In a dry river in
Head strong, ceaseless stare
Aroused by vulgar carcass
Diseased from iron ware
Cast iron imprisonment, trash in agony
Outcasts are butchered
I must know 

Did I kill them? 

Life long friend 
Cut off his head 

How can this be I butchered them 
Why would I slaughter them? 
chainsaw-butchered whore 

You're my whore 

Violated, blood drenched, naked 

I cannot hide my feelings, my feelings tell me more 
A sickness I've been given,
spiked bat
Internal damage
Trauma from beatings causes organs to burst


Chunks of butchered victims cover the floor in my wake
disparate strands
It ain't the prettiest position
As a century ends

Unstable situation
Faces made of wax
Streams of melting glass
Sheets of butchered
and the pushers are the lawyers
Who may as well be butchered
Between the small timing hustlers who all, seem to feed upon each other

Oh God where you
ignorant hands
These psychos precisely slew many men

With their obscure minds
Feeling that they were set free
Murder redefined
Butchered meticulously
the blood
Organs pulled out from inside
The remaining butchered torsos lie

Encircling the pentagram
Cauldrans burning human flesh
Participants enter
Butchered in excrement, sordid obscurity
Feverish hunger to inhale the stench of their death
And butchered
Sold to people as
Pork meat in the street
shall summon you my love
Glory glory how we wait in europe
What have they done, what are they doing?
The place I love so butchered ravaged scarred
them out
Dying by the hand of me
You are in danger
Sickening butchered you
To death
Unforgiving souls
Poking at my skin
Feasting on your body

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