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bitter as we grow old

The boy cried his girl by his side
She's bold and bright, naive, uptight
Someday he'd like to tie the knot
But the inner self
to the flo'
Just like carbon, cause I got the heat in my rhythm
Momma nay not, never bragging just to stay knot
Even when I was a younger lad I learned my
it to the flo'
Just like carbon, 'cause I got the heat in my rhythm
Momma nay not, never braggin just to stay knot
Even when I was a younger lad I
Shore to shore, got some land between
Island life is living from a cup of broken queens 
Hit the jackpot rolling through a pipe dream in a knot
the neighborhood is good and run down 
Last night a kid got gunned down 'cause there's money after sundown 
Wants to get his share so he dares to take a bold step
And what his boy was going through
He had never imagined
But when love turns to hate
It's the worse out of passion
His son was bold
And by then it was
of that bold (bold),
New (new) breed (breeding)
That extinguishes itself
By markings which resemble a
Wide tie
Directly below the
White collar

If it's
        But done by scratches so save that water
        This jam is packed so I just figure
        All we need is the house to get bigger
Surrounded by the ghetto plus the fact that the brother's black
But Roger gets high -- grades on tests
He smokes -- brain cells to rest
But brothers jel on him
the coat
Then knot the ho, really wanna tie the ropes
And buy the ?, And hang Nina by the throat

You must really like my imperfections
'Cause you stay
your life is complete, there's a lot that you're missing
You enjoy making music for the people to listen
Hip-hop is your life, by oath you've sworn
Little momma got a little pill to swallow
A little water to follow it down the tunnel
Gotta lotta walls but the house is hollow
Got a lot of holes,
featuring 2nd II None  Peter Gunz 

Yo  this is DJ Quik 

And quite frankly 

I think we gotta be some of the baddest motherfuckers
they can't let go
I guess they'll owe the balance

We don't talk much anymore
Seems our little gang is bored with callin'
Anyway we're too busy with
an F
Jay receives an A for his essay
Spins til you're dizzy
Born to get busy
Is he the Jam Master?
Isn't he, or is he?
And my name is D.M.C.
[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Tightly knit, my script is legit
I'm force feedin competition, more rebel shit
Rhymes on a roll, cold yet bold
I did "Posse
[Marc 7]
It's all splendid
Yeah, like Kevin Lockerbie
Rockin' some beige Wallabees
Blinded by the mockery

Time is never stoppin' me
is askin
To motherfuckin blast it, stretch like elastic
Now you been a has been, took out the game
Ran smack dead into a train, motherfucker
And gettin
on the block with a knot in ya sock and don't glock
Without making by way to getting got or get shot
Oh no
If ya scared to represent ya ghetto
Then don't
feel your legs kid
I’m a gangsta corporate hustla, my voice is illustrious
Hounded by vicious dons, nigga we armed, trust me bruh
They yellin' Chef,
is demandin 

It takes lots of patience and understandin 

But they go and tie the knot anyway 

And they'll be gettin their own crib anyday
just stay young, bold datin' 
Singin' Silent Night carolin' recietin' 
Now all I want for Chrismas is my indo wreath 
I got my two front teeth 
and roll this up
If you think I'm speaking too bold, what's up
I ain't even on no ho shit; plus the mob is so thick
I'm the type of nigga you should want
to grabthem by the face, punching them in the neck 
Burning up their stale rhymes, 'till they give me respect 
Cold destruction is a code, causing rapper's
on my line hittin' me on my hip at least 
about five to six times. Tryin' find a way to 
slide in to my busy schedule she say and what's 
up for