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Made g's
Bought a new house
Only 17 i'm the new king
Got me a crew hell a jewels and a uzi
But all good things don't last
Task came fast
Busted my black
all tha money that i earn a day
And they been busted but everybody payed for
Tha way they live may i be on my way lord
I make a wish, I see mothaz
(Welcome to Sky Pager)

(Welcome to Sky Pager)
(Press the pound key after each entry)

a muthafucka's flow
hold your black stallions and your black sheeps
black clan aided a nigga and got heat
we met up on Stepney and Market sparked it 
mapped out
what it is or how it is

Motherfuckers want to act now
Keep toast by the waist now
Got a block full of crack now
Still got to hold the hood down

One wung
And consumed by your most gross of concerns.

Can you remain in love from deep space,
With no fish bowl on and a busted
late at night, I grab my keys
Kid Frost put me up with a skeez
So I roll a blunt to go
On that late night hype, who gives a fuck about five-o?
now  they'll never know  that's how I feel 

[Verse 1:Lord Tariq ]

And on the seventh day the Lord made money 

On the sixth day  I busted my

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