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the blackberry bush
Yellow jackets swarmin' round your head
They're coming to get your watermelon
Black ants marching in a long line
They're lurking in
don't think I'll need a jacket
It'll be bright when the carry outs are finished
And we head to the pub to get everyone else
Leaving our empties kicked
What if Saddam
Hung Bush?
What if "One Mic" was called "One Hook"?
What if the Bridge never showed me how to hold a weapon?
What if I ran into that
beige jacket in his truck
To all you slow footed penguins, duckin from these
Hot rocks that's flamin, chocolate for all you rap Damian's
Spraying cards
bitch, it's obvious
Her name was Jeta from the former Yugoslavia
She grew a bush like a baby plant
Still I ate it, just think of it as bucatin'

[Third Verse: NaS]

Yeah, yea, Yo..
I flow calm
But don't push
What if Saddam
Hung Bush?
What if "One Mic" was called "One Hook"?
What if
stains on my shirt look what i’m becoming
Reagan got shot
Bush became president later
Clinton got he’s dick sucked
Ken style was a hater
About your
pledge allegiance to the 12 gauge Mossberg
I'm that nigga Mr. Sawed-off Leather face got a big gun in your face
Behind that bush and when they roll by

And that's the primary reason that I hate ya'll faggots
I've been nice since niggas got killed over 8-ball jackets
And Reebok Pumps that didn't do shit for
Behind that bush and when they roll by we jump out the bush make a push
Bustin' why they runnin' buckin' everything comin' murda why'all ain't said
bitches in the club, that's a kilo
Let me spill this cash like the Rio, Grande
I'm all about the ass and bush
That's why they lookin' at me like I'm