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Hey D
You wanna do that for fun right 
No get that gun 

What u want bae
Keep g on the track

What u gotta say now, burster  
What u  gotta say now,
to a hustler
Back in the days when I just dey demo for poster
Now Ii clean the haters like I clean them with a duster
W C I'm a fucking ghost burster ah
Too much
A Rainmaker, a cloud burster, a Storm Breaker
I'm the decimator, devastator
Call me the decapitator of gods
I mix Onyx 'n' Slipknot, bringin' strong style
chest burster
G domina, è l' Omega, tu saluta il Mad Master
Dai più remoti margini dell'impero
E' una pioggia di veleno nero dal cielo
Reggenti del culto,
at the helm
A Gamma Ray Burster from alien skies
In a flash all life is sterilized
Or a simple supernova just light-years away
Could bake our precious

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