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Angel of Mercy, people are suffering
All over the island tonight
Mothers weep, sisters grieve

Well, I entered the courtroom, state of New York
, sister) we gonna shake this town (burn it up)
Come on children (children come on) we gonna shake this town
(Down to the ground)

Can't draw no water no
inquisition, do our dirty deeds
Burn all show no mercy, all cursed ye

Asking the question, blood tears and sweat
Summoning Satan, from the very depths
Small mercies in vistas where dolmen and vault
Caught twisted whispers where fisted sisters
Haunched, flaunted orifice
Midst lighter fingered
beat elitists.
Element five,
Fully sold on operation,
Jeopardized on my survival.
I will survive when sprayed by heavens liquid ammunition,
We can do this like men 
Or talk it we're whit 
Or do it my way and drive by later on tonight 
Break in your house hang your sister by her shirt
could get the scoop
What you think I'm stupid
My crew is mad deep
I hope you niggas sleep

I throw a bomb through you window
Burn you up and your