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We shoot 'em down
We shoot 'em down

Free fire zone with my m-16
Vendetta burns inside
Wiped out their lives for eyes unseen
Mercy chilled
Put my body in the hole, in the ground
Underneath, there's no sound
Burn all that I've written
And every likeness of me
When it's done and I'm pulled
day more bridges seem to burn
With all your volts and treasures
Would you trade them for some fun?
What's the rise of pleasure?
Cause you and me,
Through the miles and miles of space

I can feel the power of a million lights
When I see your eyes burn bright
I can see the sparks of a million
always with you 

Were Bound By Blood
Bound By Blood
Bound By Blood

I'll never lead you to burn
Or set you straight when you are down
Now forever were
to burn

13 candles watch them burn
14 candles soon you'll learn
15 candles watch them burn
16 candles soon you'll learn
17 candles watch them burn
You've turned your back on me
And left me alone
I saw this house, so high
Will it take me to the sky
Another life, another soul
Taken by
return to Tibet, that peace will prevail on earth and that Tibet will be ruled by Tibetans."
[...These were the last words of Tamding Thar on 16 June
out by the Citgo
But mama always made sure the tooth fairy found my pillow
My pops was always workin', he put the family first
Chicago Saturdays in
Armstead, Bloodshed from C.O.C
He did damage, road managed my G.O.D
Aka Duke Da God, he was stupid hard
16, the bitch dream had stupid cars
Cut the ' 68,
for forgiveness 
I'll tell you parables of making love 
And spreading kindness 

Flames rise like butterflies 
Been frightened by my stompin' 
currents from
The volts of relentless punishment that multiplies
At a speed that the naked eye can't die-tect
The infantry, peep the weapon-try as I bomb
the burn on the hip
I'm blowin on the deuce by the candy painted whip
I'ma grip my grain, and cock my gun
And show these mother fuckers how its done
Now I lay me down to learn
Which to read and which to burn
Pray the Lord my soul to turn
Over to the school board 

Free to worship as I please
Is you ready? 
Back by popular demand
Murderous specialist tactics 
Wu Tang Clan  no rehearsal or practice 
Niggaz ain't ready for this
Burn train buffers
My fancy
Up jumps the boogie delivering eye jammies
Walk through the muck with a clutch on a trident
Never give a fuck how far
My friends and I we share the same goals
I've had the same goals since I was 16
We've got the same kind if fighter soul
Come and look, it burns
willing to learn
Rise up people with power
Are you ready to burn
With fire from on high

I won't choose pleasures of sin
For a short time
I won't
Volt face cons 
Abandon you again 
I won't feel not this time 

Brick by brick 
The night eclipsed 
Pricked by cuticle thorns 
Dried the sleep
and confused 
16 year underdog still donning Under-roos 
Sorry Busta, I know my flow sounds used 
Written and directed by the likes of John Hughes 
to Devesio
Canadegua, all the way to San Francisco
So what you know about the hoodies with the def-one tag on the side
We coastin' by while these cats
and frame by frame.
Names, dates, are all inmaterial. 
I big dick sick ryhme killer like cereal. 
I burn like venerial, 
And spit that imperial wizardry
Simply out of this world by choice
The world's too much for the soul to enjoy

I focus on the void and I fill it
Hopin' the depressed ain't give
from that
I got a catalogue full of 16s say I come from there
And this is me all day; I'm never clockin in'
Just wanna say thank y'all for just
I'm sick from repulsion
Forty men ready to strike
For most of them this will be their last turn
Red lights starts to burn
One by one we leave