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we have to die
I've been old since the birth of time
Time buried me in earth
centuries ago, I tasted blood
Buried by time and dust
Many years has
As parasites we grovel, through the dust
A temple devoured, by the ancient fires
Autumn falls hard on restless flesh
Persistence buried in
in 1931
When the rain refused to come
Air filled up our bellies, dust filled up our lungs
And we thought our time had come

This old town was built by
Egypt's buried in her shame
Their mighty men are all beaten down
Their kings are all fallin' in the ways

Oh God, pride of man
Broken in the dust again
Right when you're passing by

It hovers there up in the air
Up in that twist of dust and wind
The vortex slows, so it goes
Dust to dust again
and settled for a life with him
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Buried is the secret that was us

I can still see you standing there
Swollen eyes and snow in
the rest of the dead
Not aware that the years that go by

Lurking in the shadows
Twisted shape of creeping terra
Guarding something special
Gone since
the fields of the brave
The fields of the brave

Where a Chevrolet rusts
By a closed shopping mall
Can you see through the dust
Where the brave ones
Forever lost is my gentle love
My lips, like powder in the wind
Thirsty dreams in the ocean of kiss
Buried beneath forty years
In my rebirth I
the time paradise alley is littered with rust
And the arc of the dayglo is curtained in gloom
By the time the kidney bone cities are crumbling to dust
behind on the road 
Hal died in my arms 
We buried him by the river 
Blue poles infinitely winding, as I write, as I write 
Blue poles infinitely
Time goes by
Days and years
Only you and I

Wasted days
Wasted nights
Hurt you by and by

Fall in love
Kill a man
No one left to cry
In another life
You and I worked West Virginia coal mines
Side by side
Collecting the black dust like sin
The day the main shaft caved in
Carbonic meteorites
Volcanoes throw cold
Volcanic explosions
The universe's bond
Priceless treasures
The explosion born
Buried forever
Under coal
the life rewind
Thoughts pierced and hanged on hooks
Suffering hell inside a human shell
Your body will break and crack to dust

Die - it's time to pay
Whispers of ancients buried by dust,
Echoes of ages in canyons of rust,
Is heaven so lonely? I'll know soon enough

Cold as the clay, dark as a mine,
wings of death 
The horned one implore 
The legions waked up from the graves 
To be unleashed by their clame 
Demon of the ancient world 
this merry go 'round

Mary Mary quite contrary
We're so bored until we're buried
And just like dust we settle in this town
On this broken merry go 'round
again shall you feel godlike

In shadows & dust... in shadows & dust...

Reflections of yourself
Illusions made by your mind
Realise we are
dust upon the landscape 
And all we need is a perfect plan 
And I believe I have one 
I buried it in the darkened sand 

Darker still, how still is
many times
Hypnotized by fireflies
That glow in the dark
Midgets that disguise themselves
As tiny little dwarfs
The parade that's electrical
It serves no
wings of death 
The horned one implore 
The legions waked up from the graves 
To be unleashed by their clame 
Demon of the ancient world 
pathways, now overgrown with trees

Chorus: Home is not the same place that it was

Time goes by andchanges everything

I left so many things behind me

When you're buried alive
Buried alive

Organs are dust
Puss bubbles burst
Maggots have lust
Organs are dust
Puss bubbles burst
Maggots have lust
Time marches on, mountains may turn to dust
The world outside may crumble and fall
This love that we share won't be touched by the hands of time

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