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guitar bum whose name I never knew

Old School Nashville, Harlan Howard, Bob McDill
Tom T Hall go drink your fill and blow us all away

There was this
The double-trouble spade was named the deuce
And the joker acted stupid, so we gave him the news
There was 52 cards, and I met everyone
That story is over, but my
and forth, I ain't no convos
I flew to Paris and my plug named Diego, Gradur !
Gucci shirt, belt, Tom Ford
Finessed the plug and he fell for it
It's the brown child, better version of the story
Sees Conji, a sister, mother played by Tori
In Astoria, kid named Tiki took the cake
The greens
hood wearin' flue you gettin' fucked up
By your true 'are you nigga named see-K
Rick' get back, Rick' get ruled every single week day
And I can't stand