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Are you tired
Of the comfort?
Killed by kindness
Small and modern

Danger in the sky
What a world have I?

Is the violence
Built for
becomes your comfort zone

And once you've learned to be without someone
And settle for the silence of an empty room
Oh, it changes you
There's a lot
Plastic money flexidream
And comfort for the preacher
Keep the debtor out of prison
Borrowing the future
How much future can he borrow
How much
your own instinct
Stop the holy bomb

Constructed ways
Built up for us
You feel the comfort
You spend them your trust

Decisions about
Bankrupt L.A.'s streetcar line
So people pay more to drive
Plant strategic freeways
To divide neighborhoods by color lines 

We'd rather pay for riot
What are you still doing here?
Your stability offers no comfort to me. It don't fill me up
Process what's going through my head
What I've done
If you confuse this dinner dance with elegance,
If you suffer lack of due respect,
Take comfort from the guessing game aspect,
That she is least
Provided its comforts and securities

Built the walls up high
So the valley'd be safe
Fragile peace of mind
Held together with transparent tape
You were built for blessing but you only make them bleed
But you don't care, you don't care
And bruises are but shadows of the blackness 
That you
nights will find their comfort
In the knowledge that I tried
Were your words always so empty?
Have I been blinded by your light?
My doubts were real from
seized a few bolts.
The upholstery is raged,
A bit worn and in need--
It was sure built for comfort
And occasional speed.


Prospect #2
Moving forward.
Memories left behind. A new life, a new journey. I've built anew.
For mankind, for my kind.
The vessel stares back
and portents have come forth in torrents
It's time to realize my rise has been foretold
From the sticks to the streets I built a path that'll last
I came
and portents have come forth in torrents
It's time to realize my rise has been foretold
From the sticks to the streets I built a path that'll last
I came
the back, we embrace then I slam the hatch
Right back where we left off
When we built for three weeks but then I stepped off
It just so happened, we met like
The Unknowing
I Can Set A Flood In Motion For The Arrogants Plans
Are Always Built On Sand
Like The Wind Drives The Rain The Subterranean Will Bring Pain
I Can
And  your  words  of  comfort  fall  upon  deaf  and  frightened  ears,
I  lament  my  bitter  fate,  lachrymation  upon  examining  my  fears.
I've  built
Takin? a deep breath, tears was runnin?
I ran around the black house, the ancient black house
Built by Ibrahim, peace be upon him, circlin? 24 no doubt

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