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the others sweet taste buffers, muffling cries 

Damn us to ourselves, damn us to ourselves
Nowhere to hide our disease
Dig a hole to hide from life
Mnemonic code
I have your sentences right
Go ahead
Macro command
This is my micro instruction
Improper request
big up
Gal if you're fat and you're buff and you're buffer or dapper
Put your hand inna the air and just big up
Say wa
Jump and skin out 'cause you
Sun breaks on a buffer-zone madness fleeing ghosts for all the wrong reasons
With apathetic eyes to the future complacent to the last broken pieces
official Max Fischer bloom break cable clipper (Def)
Picket train buffer, the riverboat, and the switcher (Jux)
Pipe-dreaming that so fresh and so
Burn train buffers
My fancy
Up jumps the boogie delivering eye jammies
Walk through the muck with a clutch on a trident
Never give a fuck how far
(1-2) like (3) like
You (2) can count for nothing

I'm what choice is to option
Royce to hip hop is what, Mike Buffer's voice to boxing
Yes, it's
kit buffers. every body loved bejesus of hepsaba he graduated from Devrie with a degree in dryowalloge he was the greatest of all drywallers then one
the nail in the coffin?
Leave my brain outside
I am no longer a buffer
Man's up and I'm up in the palace
'Gnac cup and I'm puffing the chalice
Huff and I puff on the baddest
Chick buffer and buffer the gyalist
I like
kind of mean around winter time
I happen to live on a street that was a dead-end street
There was nothing to block or buffer the wind, the elements
The Jimmy Buffer Song
David Allen Coe

This song is for all the people that's been reviewing our records and say we sound a lot like Jimmy
the first round, signing bonus profound
Playing for his hometown, repping for the home ground
And getting buffer like Michael Riggs, tell 'em again
I gets
Better dummy up then go dip:
You're outta turn.
I learned that the lowest form of life is the buffer nabber,

Even worse than the dicer stabber.
on Facebook now and diving down that rabbit hole
Checkin on my ex and soon I'm creepin on her lover
And when the picture buffers I see her new boyfriend's
don't bother me

I'm much tougher
I don't need the buffer
I keep it light
Keep my head out the gutter

I'ma do it now
I'ma do it
I'ma do it now
of buffer
Between me and my ugly side, it's too close to call
Out for anyone but the one love out the hundred
Who could love me for what I am under it all
And I notice you

Spy satellite snapping shots from the skylight
Endo you know buffers up to a highlight
Ink to the skin tight burned in
you're buffer
But I'll just buck them bigger motherfuckers
Turnin' men to suckers
Niggas wanna start a little ruckus
Better duck cause I'll be poppin'
screaming, "There's still more"
I gripped a microphone like I'm John Gilmore
Pilot pulpit as a star-fighter, and the consequences can buffer

I flourish in
When I wondered, why my
Daily headaches thundered
Tried to buffer, pushing
Down the pain I suffered
Mutilated, feeling so
they want to be meee
every halloween
they want to be meee

a gorila, a buffer fish and a bag lady
all made love and had a little baby
far too much
To see your rep suffer
Set you up a buffer
Well neither is enough for us cut from a tougher brand

Of duct tape the propaganda's stuck
down, with no buffer zone
Buffering's useless just leave what you suffer whole
Buffalo's roam, the bison's stampede
Icing on the cake is the moment

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