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through an old mesquite tree
"See that moon shadow, there's a bucking horse there"

Sweet bird of youth, no easy keeper
Flown with the seasons all too
P's working (yeah)
Phone twerking (yeah), phone twerking (yeah)
Bitches fucking (yeah), bitches fucking (yeah)
In traffic bucking (yeah), in traffic
Im from st louis where the young niggas bucking keep it gutta nigga
STL thats how we live cuz its a struggle to live
STL thats how we live cuz its
pull up on it
I can sense you want it
So don't know why you fronting
Come ride like pony
Come ride like pony
Bucking getting wild up on me
Come ride
rather be a rabbit than a dog
Cuz I'm faster in my season
Cuz you niggas only catching ducks 

Bucking back 

Local trap
Type rap

Look at that 
be a rabbit than a dog
Cuz I’m faster in my season
Cuz you niggas only catching ducks
Bucking back
Local trap
Type rap
Look at that
Look at that
And once apon a spinning ton
Nothing else you've ever done can pull this way
You're just outside the bucking chute
You lose a spur and you lose
Move over to Washington, DC
We're going to the Holland Theater
Huckle-buck, y'all

Everybody Huckle-Bucking
If you don't know, you're sure out
straight to the pave, can't be saved,
I'm bucking, little Ripster reinforcements comin' in faster
Blast give my nigga double Zs the Mack-10
hit it long stroke looking mad 
While she throwing it back
Shawty bucking like a horse hard
I'ma lick 'til she calling it quits 

I'ma fuck you like
a mutha-fuckin' ton
Bucking down one, bucking down two,
Bucking down your crew, mutha fuck you
Pigs were blue, I where black, nothing but black
Cause god damn
Motherfucker, fuck?Em to the end,
And when I run out,
I reloading and bucking again, some mo!
Nigga putting it down, worldwide
Them wicked bad-ass thugs
Straight from the back when they attack
In the middle o' night when you up in the trap
You keep on bucking, they bucking you back
In the middle of bucking
Peeped lil bruh was dissing on the bird, but I don't give a fuck
But if I lose my cool, go back bucking then he outta luck
Been trying hard not
Sandra Lee
Back to back, look the shit
I think my girl is Kylie Jenner
Back to back bucking shit
I think my girl is Eazy-E
Back to back shooting shit
When the money coming in
We gon get it muhfucka
Get your money lil n*gga
Growing up in Southside
I ain’t never been a sucka
I was bucking at them
Dayton Texas rodeo Possum Potez stole the show
Way back in 1968 the night he rode ol' Pearly Gates
It was a spinning bucking ton of death
There's a joy in your sweet abandon
Like the cowgirl ballerina

Leaves that ride
The wild and holy bucking wind that the sky
Sent through you to blow
Momma told me grow up to be something, be something
I went diamond with this album so we bucking, we bucking


I'm so far ahead
a fade if you ever touching me
Say it to my face and my team is bucking heat
I’m really really great and the ladies loving me
Bet i’ll go and put your
Oh my
Sneak dissing
Bucking up on sight
Freak bitches on the goddam side
Yellow tape on my belt Off White
Pounds of weed and counting cheese
gotta loosen up for the get down

Aye, what do ya know
She got her boots on the dance floor, bucking like a rodeo
She got a tight jean skirt, so fine make
your hands up then put your hoodie up
If Ya rolling with AP Ya holding down for AP
Ya bucking with AP Ya Better bucking blaze the beats
Ya better
I'm still bucking like 5-deuce 4-trey
Nigga with a attitude no O'shea
I give a damn what muhfucka' gone say
Long as I'm eatin' and my family is okay

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