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little brown eyed
It's me and you forever
Girl you're staying by my side

Could you be my brown eyed girl, baby you're a stunna'
Saw you
morning fog
Oh baby, yeah my heart's a-thumping you

My brown eyed girl
(Brown eyed girl...brown eyed girl)
You my
Brown eyed girl

Do you remember
The sunshine's gonna fade
And we can't stop it
So before we turn in
I can't make you love me

Let's be brown eyed girl sweet Caroline
Free fall small town
Skippin' and a jumpin',
In the misty morning fog
Oh baby and our hearts a thumpin'
And you
My brown eyed girl
You, my brown eyed girl

Do you remember
those little brown-eyed girls
Want playboys of the southwestern world

Long around our tenth year
We found two airplane tickets to the hell outta here
Bring me back to an hour ago
Time stands still as the years go by
Brown-eyed girl that's throwing down a bottle of Old English
Back in the warehouse
beside her
Step by step up to her world
Head over heels for a brown-eyed girl
And gettin' caught didn't seem to matter
'Cause heaven was waitin'
in the gun rack
Sweet tea and biscuits on your lap
Sing to brown eyed girl
My guitar in the barn bridge shade

I'd number your freckles
And the times
and a woman

And you're the one, there's no-one else
It makes me want to lose myself
In the mysterious distance
Between a man and a woman

Brown-eyed girl
the mysterious distance 
Between a man and a woman 

Brown eyed girl across the street 
On rue Saint Divine 
I thought this is the one for me 
But she was
Pretty brown eyed girl
She's so sweet and naive
She met a boy fell in love
Carved their name out in a tree
What a perfect memory
There's a swing
There's a pretty little brown eyed girl flaggin' a taxi cab
She's alone, so she might know
Maybe I should ask
Hey, hey, hey


She supplied
Cross eyed and smiling as I watch the world
Go twisting by

I don't want to die with you
Or live in the same dark room
I don't want to see
could keep my cool
But this brown eyed girl and brown eyed boy
Time stood still and passed us by
'Cause baby I, I've been waiting for a little time
Little boy carryin' a fishin' pole 
Little girl pickin' berries straight off of the vine 
Brown bag filled with a little green toad 
We hook 'em through
Got a pocket full of cash and that old Ford truck
Fuzzy cat hangin' from the mirror for luck
Said don't you know all those little brown-eyed girls
Well, I was doin' alright, keepin' you off my mind
Goin' one three days in a row
But pullin' out of work, I heard brown eyed girl
Playin' on my
all through my twenties
Just to prove I had the stuff
Then one day I met this brown eyed girl
She said to me boy you ain't so tough
She said that walk
Always On My Mind
Brown-Eyed Girl
I'll Walk The Line

Move me baby
Move me all night long
You move me, baby
Like a song

Move me baby
Move me all
Were Always On My Mind
Brown-Eyed Girl
I'll Walk The Line

Move me baby
Move me all night long
You move me, baby
Like a song, like a song

Move me baby
Eyed Peas
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a hometown girl
Some brown eye'd honey that thinks she wants to give me a whirl
It'll go too far and she's probably gonna call me baby
But she'll never be
wanna go back there, I wanna cast that reel
Wanna hear my brown eyed girl sing Margaritaville

Can I get an amen amigo hey why don't we go
Check out
Fell in love in high school
With a brown haired, green eyed girl
I walked her home most everyday
Held her hand, I held the world
We made our plan
to blow the track
Wide open, who’s next to float by Billy Ocean
I got a city of girls wet and still soaking
Yo, dreamy eyes, you better run it
I blow