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Mulligan stew
Got drunk with Louis Armstrong, what's that old song?
I taught Mickey Mantle everything that he knows
So you ask me what I'm doing here
a hip-hop shack
And you moved the masses or they moved you out the back
Slack with the skills and you'll never pay the bills
Buying up the brands with
George the fuck Clinton, Louis Farrakhan
Sister Queen Latifah, Bill Cosby, sister Angela Davis
The entire Nation of Islam, nucka, know what I'm saying?
started slangin' that they don't know me
I got my hustle on, learned to ignore what couldn't pay me
Lately I've been tryin' to make a bill-ion, can you
Most niggaz want titles and they, rap for fame
I'm the Ghetto Bill gangsta, best hustling in the rap game
Homies run they mouth in the hood like Jose
brothers are killed with no justice
Or peace, in the middle of hell
And I was out on the Isle when the two Towers fell
So now you're gonna tell that