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I was there to buy a pistol. She was there to hock her ring.
The broker in that pawnshop deals in almost anything.
He'll pay you for your misery
sognando un Ferrari Colorano tutto sto grigio scrivendo il domani
in Piazza i Brò sono Broker come Piazza Affari Broker, Broker, Broker, Broker
La borsa di
los primeros
como el Super-Broker
ser broker es genial

Super-Broker, Super-Broker
tu no sabes con quien estas
con quien estas

Al Super-Broker todo le
you know
And ladies and gentlemen this is the show

I got a call from my broker
The broker informed me I'm broke
I was dealing my last hand
Make a hundred plays with my broker (a hundred)
Who the fuck is he?
I don't know, skrrt (skrrt, skrrt)
Riding with my mothafuckin' chauffeur
money in my pocket 'cause
I, I feel like I'm sinking down

Mr. Pawn, Pawn, Pawning broker
I need to talk with you
Mr. Pawn, Pawn, Pawning broker
I need
Papa von Zuhause fort ist
Zahlt der keine Alimente mehr, sonst hätt' ich ausgesorgt, mist!

Ich hab Cash auf Täsh wie ein Broker, du bist immer broke,
And for the beaks that peck
Flesh beneath my flesh
Soil beneath my soil
Today I found a dead bird

Blind are the brokers and the unskilled workers
Well, I bought a new suit at the best pawn broker's shop,
Bought my ticket from money that I saved in jail.
I got a boot lace tie, I got for my pa,
Palm ? broker? got all my clothes on
And he's looking pretty mean
I bought a kings tongue with the money
Preserved in fire water
And I'm feeling
you ever had a broker nigga layin' on ya
Tell me have you ever seen a hundred thou'?
And that shit don't be surprise
Pay no mind and don't make songs
through the deals of the brokers at the bar

Then he sold everything for a Wall Street wage
A rich man's money is a rich man's cage
Pockets full of gold
be watchin', native New Yorker poppin'
Broker's firm love me, get commission off my stocks, and
Options, I got a lot of 'em, penny stocks about 'em
poker makes me broker every Saturday night
I still got running water and they ain't cut off the lights
Come Friday night, my friends and I,start peeling
broker than the Ten Commandments
And the broker ain't planned this

Now they talkin' the Amero damn it
When it come down to it
Some can see right
Sunny, BBM, Moneyregen-Gang
Hundert Riesen sind Trinkgeld
'Lex am Handgelenk, Nine im Handgepäck
Gott, vergib meine Sünden

Verdiene wie 'n Broker
Mi was a ganja smoker
Livin' la vida loca
Mi couldn't be no broker
Mi nearly touch di coka
But di powers of Jehovah
A dat me mek tek over
You niggas so broker (Broker)
Gangster bitch she be tryna come over (Huh)
Fuck her on the sofa (Sofa)
Now your girl be missing, put her
a mortgage on a mortgage on a loan
Fall together, right now, pretty boy
Sold the lamborghini baby
Got the baby, now your broker's on the phone
The game is not only dangerous, but it's most strange

I sell rhymes like dimes
The one who mostly keep cash but brag about the broker times
Good times for liars
Good times for robbers
Good times for brokers
Good times for dealers
Good times for killers
Good times for rapers
Good times for
pleno como un bróker

Cambia el juego saca el doble
Ponle precio todo en orden
Siempre a hierro por si rompe
Tras el pleno como un bróker
hate (hate) brokers (hate hate)
Missioners hate (hate) geniuses (hate hate)
You jerk hate (hate) laggers (hate hate)

Here comes to me reality
Well I
finding your kind
Try not to slip up
'Cos you'll find you regret it
If you start running your mouth
And if the broker keeps choking on your slipstream

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