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a dream right now (Little lady)
And then the years go by
10 piercing 15 and before you know it you're 25
Your heart's been broken and you're terrified
not yours
Listen to your pop for a second
These are the confessions of a father broken-hearted
Who don't know how to pull his only son out
with the thugs so 
You must be on drugs to the head 
Get your ass break down 
Broken half baby 
I'm a feelin' like a motherfuckin' psychopathic
feat. El-P, J-Live, Mr. Complex, Shabaam Sahdeeq
I'm workin hard son certain to get the job done
Excuse me flirtin with stardom but not
Zone out, turn the lights off
Ant boogie, what up? Uh-huh

In the crib, with my wiz, getting my grown man on
Listening to classic soul, with
hittin on moms
She got bruises on her arm from protectin her face from harm
Bein done he looks at me and says, "What you're seein, son
Is me disciplinin
to man. 
Raped by the wind and forced to bring life to the hundred 
bastard sons. 
The unholy ones will give strength for all evil to live
a torch I carry?
Lost souls like a tortured scary mortuary
More the merrier, son em' like some orphan fairies
That's a new lamborghini to a horse
it don't come as a challenge, I'm the son of some of the foulest
Elected by my people...the only one on the ballot
Born and bred to consult with