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of touch I'm out of reach

Struck by a car
Crushed by a tree
Fork in my tongue
Glass in my sleeve
I snap the rope snap the wrist
Here in my inner spiral
Beyond two thousand in the future wars beyond the limits of our mind
Central computer that control and know the simple weakness of mankind
lying there
I'm broken but I'm laughing
It's the sound of falling glass
I hope that you won't mind if I should cry in public
While I wait for this
of the times
When we couldn’t make up our minds
Hours and years, just disappear

I’m looking out for a simple kind of true
Don’t know what I am waiting for
spring than it's time to sing
Never mind the l'il birdies wing
Look out, look out, old New York
New York's coming an' New York talks
Hey! Strike! Not
spring than it's time to sing
Never mind the l'il birdies wing
Look out, look out, old New York
New York's coming an' New York talks
Hey! Strike! Not
that ass for tips at the titty bar

Broken glass everywhere!
Louder than a bomb shattered in in the air
Try to hold back your tears baby!
Wait a second,
I'm never sleeping 
I'm an open park 
And you can have some tea 
And roll a blanket over me 

I'm not really qualified 
To look you in the eye

You're breaking your mind
By killing the time that kills you
But you can't blame the time
'Cause it's only in your mind

Quickly quickly grow
let it go

He made his mind up
In the park and at the station
He made his mind up
Yeah, he's gonna get it done

He made his mind up
Ooh yeah
Wake up early in the morning
I got you on my mind
Even a simple phone call would suit me just fine

Tears, tears and more tears
I can't help but
to feel
This morning she was found stone cold in the park
Destined to schedule a new meeting
Reach the human mind into the mirror, into the mirror
Broken glass moves through me,
Calloused skin falls off of me, I crash to my knees.
Interiorly I bleed and I cry blood under the sheets.
I'm breaking
woke up from that night mare to start another day

I want to be a simple man with a little peace of mind
Live a simple life, in a place that's kind
the glass jar
Chrome all on my crash bar
Glocks all in my stash box

Yo this is P. Tone, 5 minutes from the Park Hills, Staten Isle
I do bad, only when
Streets are filled with broken glass
You get buried by the past
N give me just a little taste
Lay this mast to waste
Take me home

My mind is
Whenever they make you bleed your pride away

Now you're driven by one track mind, initiating you
Splendid flowers, blossom from the wounds
The strong
up and broken
Frightened and dazed

Lying on the table in this unfamiliar place
I'm greeted by a stranger, a man without a face
He said, "Son do
I wait for you to decide and put and end to false pretenses
Deny every instance and it will be forgotten
But how could I forget?
Broken glass
and he dies 
By a simple tattoo 

I`ll be back again 
When I land on my feet 
I`ll stand up again 
Kick up a fuss again, wouldn`t you 

Well there
kiss the corpse

Chrissy's such a pretty lass
As benign as broken glass
No one in her family knows
The vile hobby that she chose

Some cops came
She played tambourine with a silver jingle
And she must have known the words to at least a million tunes
But the one most requested by the man she
this time's left me feeling jaded
I nearly lost my mind, let me stay here
One more moment buried

Broken glass from window panes feel down on my backyard
On the fire escape
We stopped and we looked down
Through the broken glass, on the sirens on the spies
When you're still midway
It's not too late
What did you say to me
I'm not a novelty
You're playing revelry
But no one's listening
I am a simple man
Without a simple plan
Let's make it