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might pop an X just for my ex ex
Broady I was right because they left
My homie got a set of Percocet cet
At your fucking throat like it's that strep
errnight[01:00.08]People are unfriendly to me.[01:03.06]And they wanna smile on me.[01:06.00]I smile broadly at them.[01:08.00]But I swear inside. 'F you'[01:14.08]but they
But along that way, I manage to find my independence
So that's where we at right now
Royce Da 5'9", "Independent's Day"
Whattup Broady, you know'm
Lil grom been shredding on that local broady bank
Hittin it off the lip like im in a fish tank
Playin the xylophone like a big bank
Quick scope
Broady play this game cat and mouse
Broady life Tom and Jerry
Champaign spraying like a fountain
We gone be
Making it rain
Shit is necessary
No it's not
with those kind
Slowly lil' [?] broady
You know you don't know me
Waitress bought out so much ice, ice, ice, it came with a goalie
I'm loosin', gues
work on it
broadly your flow ain't shit
You need to work on it
Fat asses hit em hard from the back
It hurt don't it?
And that nigga got what in
if you ask me, all boys are bad boys (giggles)
They're like broady to the max
Ooh... (laughs)

[Saxophone solo]

I don't care (I don't care) what they
I devote, you take advantage 
Your affection is broadly spread And
Never recognized my efforts 
This is how we disconnected

I told you I'd love you
to make a bitch buckle
Northside is trouble come correct 
Remember broady boys YBS
In these ends better watch your steps 
Better not step in with no rollies
We can see broadly
What we've Created is bigger than Bodies
Give me some warmth please

Kingdom inside me
Spirit is dry-heaved
Empty of crying
We got mops over here
Had to get in yo business
Or probably find out where he living
But that wasn’t part of the mission
See broady told me to pop out
the school walls
We ain't never stall
We been repping hard til this day
Broady town gangstas
Back when two forty was still dangerous
On the sixty one tryna
it, I'm consumed with
Am I heartless? Am I ruthless
Smile broadly, at shorty
Tryna use me? bitches lost me
Alley oopin, no solutions
Stack a bag up, no
I know you talked down bout the north side
But you better speak up
Can't hear your side
Me and broady chillin
Like it's frostbite
And it's no long
a reason
Circumstances unique to each situation even more broadly
Current u.s policies raises unease about what it means
To respect the rule of law when
beat like ravelio
I just passed yo chick right to my broady
See I'm slowly rolling, saying fuck a Rollie
Nigga think they know me, but I'm Loki
So dope
of a sale
Tricks get involved like the saw in a mill
Making beats no flaw in my daw I'm chill
Still slapping out slappers
I say that broadly like flappers
And sucker, oh, I surely was
But you brought her
And broadly left devoid of blood

And misfortunes
Like destiny, could manifest
I'm still
we running this shit broadly
Me and my niggas are odd b
Cuz we're nothing like none of you niggas
Red dot on you niggas, can't fuck with you niggas
And fire rains like a tsunami 
Now your memories are coming all back in the 
Second I'm loppin it off when you fought me
May you find all the peace
on it baby
This ecstasy I feel with you is natural and it's
I pull up on you dripping tipping saucing rolling folding
Only broady hold me back
Didn't know
a rapper
Rhymes are pulled by a magnet
This a hit we should call it Dramatic by Bvndit
Hitting every color as a palette, you could broadly define my-my
the Joint Declaration and Basic Law for long time very carefully
And we hope it will be generally and broadly upheld

That eventually will change
You cannot

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