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It lingers on 
Sky heart, pearl equilibrium 
A single pluck 
Of broadened shadow 
But it's gone 

Oh jive strung morning 
Eternal embrace 
Preaching masses, yet they still
Partake in earthly arts

Spiritual suicide
In sin they choose to dwell
They chose the broadened path
That leads
home is broadened
Patriotism expanded by callings from beyond
So I pack my things nothing precious, all things sacred

I am a citizen of the planet
gotta love it, gotta love it

It means to be broadened, y'know, beyond the understanding that black women are strong
Body and souls and so we're not
the devil go through hell inside my bill
I [?] how negative people I cope with jealousy
I know my horizons is broadened [?] my legacy
Now I got a bag
Sporting effects
In a small black reptile
Broadened at the shoulder
And the swing at the hips

Room for a big fish
A crack of whips
Holding in smoke 'til your father passes
My perspectives are broadened 'cause my senses are dulled

Phoning in to the radio show

People stop
golden light shining, he could see all around
Not restricted by a rectangular stare now the liquid had broadened his mind
He lay covered by branches so
diversity stems
Eradication broadened the becoming

Natural changes
Collection from fragments
Riddled the unfolding
a step in blind man's shoes is a journey to broadened views
No reason to fear or to hold out hope for strangers
Seen on the news, hardships amuse

as cool
Knowledge has broadened the gateway so that you'll never lose Self with takes fine grit
Where as you lease your body your armed mind forever
in that shed
Kinda brought up that way
Kinda broadened up my space
Searching for a better chase
Certain this hear ain't a race
Another joint that I'm
be what you wanna be I ain't knocking
Just emphasizing broadened you options
The NBA only offer 12 man a roster
People going in debt just to be popular
come out to pop it

China don't treat Muslims the nicest
Retrieving so much neck thought they was ISIS
smoked cat piss broadened my horizon
Scamming out
Changed my brain chemistry
Everything is energy 
The mind controls reality
Ancient knowledge like a Pharaoh
Broadened gate
My path is narrow
Seen locations I weren't meant to see broadened horizons
Didn't bring the shhh still made them shhh when ever I'm arriving
All day flying through
so I’m hunting game
Broadened my distance now I got range
Blurry my vision no it’s 2020
Seeing my future and it’s looking pretty
Blurry my vision no
the country
Felt fantastic
Broadened my horizon, now that shit elastic
Not constricted to my block. I had to move past it
There's much more to life to see than
matter if her ass is fatter already had her I'll be damn if I flaunt her
Thank God I evolved
Broadened my scope no longer impressed at all
I've gone from
Before I broadened the horizons of my reality
Evident in impartial and broadened perspective
Occupied by the will to actualize a vision
Countering the ones in full support of its suppression
Before it is too late
With bravery and courage
Shake this hand of fate
Broadened now
Our once closed minds
And seeing things
We could not find
Broadened your horizons
Made a lot of enemies
On this sphere

Can it be this titans fading (Oh well)
Brothers and sisters don't be late
Broadened my horizons
I'm basking in tha silence
I see us on an island
Together livin vibin
I told myself deserve this
Then life it came and served it

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