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Listen to the briskly whistling winter evergreen
Whispering through the frozen morning light
And tell me what's to come
Saying my time is near
She briskly cried ""That's done,
My life's at last begun""
Sing Halleluhah, heigh-nonny-no
Heigh-nonny-no, heigh-nonny-no
""It's time I had some
Circus-boy, run-away, steely-eyed gypsy
Seems to be adjusted to the clatter of the fair
He says: "watch your step," as he tears two tickets briskly
I'd be lost without you,
Am I safer here?
Lost in this expansive,
Ghostly atmosphere.
Unearthed so briskly,
Normalcy depraved.
What good is a hero
briar bowl with a feeling
of unease.
But he briskly frisks the torn remains for a
fingerprint or crimson stains
And endevours to ignore the chins that
the power of darkness
For he counteracts the devil
Who rides so briskly about his life
But Jefferey you lack in spirit
Hey Jefferey you are lacking in spirit
won't go on with sth. wrong
Don't count on me and set me free
It's time to end that misery 

All hands on deck now for God's sake, move briskly if you

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