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support these strippers
She bust it down to a split, she got a horse ass with her
She tryna bring home a friend and I enforce that nigga
I threw like 4
Itsuko got married in the spring 
So did you see that new band that she's in?
I swear to god
I swear to god
I swear to god like nothing that
Written by James Young
Lead Vocals by James Young

Half penny, two penny, gold Krugerrand
He was exceedingly rich for such a young man
to waste.
We sang ye-si-ca

We sang ye-si-ca.
And the boys in the band at the hotel
They played it all over again.
I knew it by heart in the morning
And his dirty hands are empty when he brings them home to you.
So don't come runnin' back here when his soil turns to sand.
It's a sorry life to live
come back home
Saturday night and the moon is out 
I wanna head on over to the Twist and Shout,
Find a two-step partner and a Cajun beat, 
When it
Well the time has passed now it seems
When I sleep I never dream, I, I wonder why
I've got the chance, had confidence
When I was a young man, now
come back home
Saturday night and the moon is out 
I wanna head on over to the Twist and Shout,
Find a two-step partner and a Cajun beat, 
When it
I grew up impressed by the people I knew
In the buckle of the Bible belt
Hopped in the van with the band
Now I've been just about everywhere else
For to bring home his new queen
So leave now these windows
And likewise this hall
For it's deep in the sea
You should hide your downfall
the jocks and punks
He could take them all to school
when it came to being drunks

Miles from home again
He was overdrawn on luck
Hoping that tomorrow
and go home at the break of day

"If I rap and I call and I pay for all, the money it is my own
And I'll never spend your fortune, for I hear that you
alright come on now
With you, with you, with you, with you

All right boys keep it rocking now
Keep on going, we gonna go home now
Bring it home, yeah
One day we are young

And by the next one we are old despite the years
And tears of gold precede the rapture

Time has its way with everyone

And oh yeah, I don't care to precise, I play by ear
I've always wanted to be in a band
Give me the music
Encore, you want more?
Gimme that
The flame will burn forever 
And no one knows your name 
Bring the boys back home again 

It was a quiet day 
On the streets of hope 
got time to realize you're shielded by the hands of love
'Cause you are young

Fading light may make a fool of me
Courage fails, strengths slip away
Christmas coming home
Decorate like candy land
Paper angels hand in hand
Bring out the marching band
It's Christmas coming home

Sitting by the fire
home tonight
(She said I'm not the one)
And I know that she's not the one
That I should bring home tonight

Have you made up, o-oh
Have you made up
my stars! my linda's gone to mars
Well, I wonder if she'd bring me something home.

Something, somewhere, somehow took my linda by the hand
When there's no place left to roam follow your heart to bring you home
If you've taken all and eaten you can take
You can lift your head and

when it lifts me up, I'm gonna find my feet
out in the middle of a big dance floor.
When I hear that fiddle, wanna beg for more.
Wanna dance to a band
I've got this sensitive condition

It's aggrivated by, bars and neon lights

And bedroom eyes all painted up

Fast ladies and slow songs

I feel
out of my system
I worried about it a little bit, but that's all

Now you used to play the guitar
We worked in a country band
I hung out down
Dance all night in Rome
I go any freakin' place I want to
And my Lear jet brings me home

I got ladies by the dozens
I got money by the ton
Just ain't