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aint worth it
Put you money in your pocket and reverse it
Her cd aint worth it
Put you money in your pocket and reverse it

Missy Elliot makes
krunk and wired 
Wave ya hands scream louda 
If you smoke den fire it up 
Bring da roof down 
Den holla 
If you tipsy stand up 
Dj turn it louda
If you smoke den fire it up
Bring da roof down
Den holla
If you tipsy stand up
Dj turn it louda
Take somebody by da waist den uh
Now tho it
Don't make it so hard 

Amanda of the underground 
Brings high art to her lo-fi sound 
Her nifty hipster friends agree 
A band's only as good as its
At the inn

She wears a diamond 'neath the moon
We bring her flowers in the afternoon
I can't imagine why love has passed her by
But she thinks her
Where the tree tops talk to the wind 
Where the eagle flies 
I'll bring her to see it the minute I'm through 
Won't she light up with surprise!
Words and music by Richard Farina

And it's hi ho hey, I am a bold marauder
And it's hi ho hey, I am the white destroyer
For I will show you silver

It's a dead-end job and the money is low,
And the time goes by so slow.
If I stay too long it could bring me down,
So I might as well take
Sometimes I feel lost like a runaway
Read over the dier
Reap while I stay
Getting Rich-ard like Pryor
Need to put the gun away
Cause I got priors
We greet the victorious throng, returned to bring salvation!

The trumpets of Carthage resound! Hear, Romans, now and tremble! 
Hark to our step
to bring back my ting

My sound's the realest, we know
Shut down dance wherever we go
And we keep the big sitting for those haters
And it goes
or Richard's bay
rhyming with Billy Ocean or Al be	 Sure
won't get you play by Joan's Rivers I clean clothes, lyrical mean pros
go against dream flows hope your
Yo, crack the Remy Martin
For niggas pumpin' weed by the mini-market
Bring it when you see me park it
I think big like Diddy office
I fuck a ho
eatin for nuthin'
If it's all you can eat then you'll see me runnin
Cause Cledus don't stop eatin for nuthin'
Tell Richard Simmons he can kiss my
close to danger
Most of my life 'cause if it don't work, worry and anger
Poisioned by demons, once upon a time my thought was pure
What will I endure
we been getting it?

I got a crib in Manhattan
I run the island, Richard Branson
I be in and out the city like a New York draft pick
They cut
my people on the front lines

People, my people are dyin'
And we see it all the time
Don't know where our future would be
If he's not here, how do
It ain't easy but I try
Every day is a constant battle
Oh to do right
To progress as a man
Or to fight
Statik Selektah
Uh, listen

Ayo it's
now tell you that these were all true
And it is my pleasure to introduce to you
The two gentlemen who now own the Opera Populaire
M. Richard Firmin
time high, they couldn't know it was raw
You would die if you smoked it, too potent to snort
If you think by the bar, you probably choke on the thought
like a fuckin' wasp in the hospital lost
Stingin' the fuck outta everything I come across in the halls
I light a candle and place it up on the mantle
the gate
I seen two more escape

It ain't no room for no non-ass soldier niggas
An it's amazin how the heat bring out the ho in niggas
When pistols
This once in a lifetime like a Halley's comet 
Yo, we bring it to Medina like the prophet Mohammed 

Mos Def and Mr Man: 
Peace be upon he,
over this steel god-dangit

Bitch bring it! 
These niggaz that I hang with'll hang you up naked by your ankles dangling
But need I stay straight when
her by the legs then I pull her to the bottom
Twist nothin' up like a condom
Slap it if you fuckers got a problem
When I see 'em, you hoes endin' up in