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love will do
So drag your heart-stopping mind trip downtown, girl
By Friday night I'll find someone new


Lord knows what you put me
Breaking in a sweat
Like a bomb threat
Is your silhouette fading out?
Nothing left to lose
Detonate the fuse
Another breaking news blowout

Ain't it
new meaning
Gotta a second chance
You can see the change in me
And as we dance
You wrap me in humanity

Others walked on by in their blindness
7 am

Sit down, dead weight, and wonder
Unsure, unslept, uncovered
The new light of dawn discovered by ungrateful eyes,
Through 5-3 eyes
new meaning
Gotta a second chance
You can see the change in me
And as we dance
You wrap me in humanity

Others walked on by in their blindness
If you don't like the news then press eject
Bette Davis getting older, can't take a rain check
It's time to let 'em know what we expect
You don't get a second chance.

It was a hot summer night in mid July,
A hangover and a black eye.
Your momma said I was a loser,
A dead end
these niggaz screaming out paws, 
Pistol grip and breaking out their jaws. 
Yeah, so you don't want to fuck with me, 
Many niggaz out there to go nuts
and then walked home
Shit, it's like 6 p.m. and his temple throbbing
Hand in the cabinet by seven, sniff the prescription oxies
Logo in the boxes, all my
feel yourself breaking sweat
Light head, short of breath
Watch me cry them tears of joy

I got some news for you
All the pain you'll feel is due
(birds chirping)
(water drop and evil laughing)
As I submit the new world grows in
Six, I cover myself with lamb skin
Black family, fine
Oh yeah

7 am, thinking ?bout you
If the thoughts I'm feeling
You're feeling too

Like a new born child
Soft to the touch
Baby is it
on lovin'

This time is in our favor
This time comes second nature
Heartbreaks are overrated
Stay together, that's the new trend
Boy we done started something
And in seven seconds, a new nebula rose

To the twilight of time, in his infernal pillar
The scarabaeus, spread life by evil

Khopirron emblem
The First Day Of Christmas Was Pretty Sweet
Got New Clothes From My Head To My Feet
The Second Was Even Better Then The First
I Got A New Phone
And neither are you on the second time round
With a wife and a family
And the roses that lately arrived
In the new baby's eyes
So recently
didn't stop for seven red lights
I jumped into water that's fifty degrees
I've rowed in a kayak in thirty foot seas
I've stayed in the woods for a week
him, the block's in that box on the flo'
But if you touch that bitch the whole house gon' explode

[announcer] New Joc City!
[computer] 10 seconds
now things're moving
Little twitches people can't explain
Young bodies, listen to them talking
New languagism in their veins
Same face in a new
o'clock - 2 million miles away.
Stand by for emergency manoeuvre.
Object coming closer at the speed of light. We have 8 more seconds.
Change course by 4
the hill,
Next to my man, Lou Man,
The cardigan sweaters,
The still sell the New Eras now at Jew Man!
Bridge cont.(Tom Waits)
Ghetto Bhudda in the second
was being guided
By a second-rate dependence on first-class thieves
They told me I was breaking through, I was breaking down
By the time I learned
Let it go,
Let it die

It's a new day
For the faceless,
Take the torches
From the useless,
First amendment,
Second guesses,
All dependent,
I'll do
famous to the billion millions?
News flash, 'Vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie'
Ooh, bye-bye, bub-bye

The magnificent seven
to aggravation 
I got my ears closed, back to bookin' my own shoes 

Level seven eight nine - second dimension