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And we're back out on the run
Fun how ev'rything was roses
When we held on to the guns
Just because you're winnin'
Don't mean you're the lucky ones
Preferred to be alone.

And a rose...A rose is a rose.

Zelda had a breakdown,
Fitzgerald hit the bar.
His hand was broken, words were spoken,
Didn't get too
spit my heart into this red cup.
I'd better pick it back up, it might ruin your night.

And she said,
"Baby, leave the water by the bed for later,
Why you look confused motherf***er? This is war
Yeah n****, uh, yeah n****
Yeah n****, uh, yeah n****, uh
Yeah n****

Bust my gun all by myself
at 850 pounds; guns n' roses!

Get in the ring(x16)

This song is dedicated to all the guns n' fuckin' roses fans
Who stuck with us through all the fucking
by radio station
君のgeneration guns and roses
時代性 hip rhyme
移り気な music style
Everybody wanna twist and shout
Everyone,everyone Good people...
Take that dead shit on
And if you're bitch in the club with ass on me
I'm gonna take that home.
By the sinister TECH N9NE
By the sinister, by
Nowhere to duck, pull his file, n****z die
By gettin' blasted, how drastic
They got the nerve to ask me why I do the things I do

I got
Uh, uh, uh, huh
Exclusive shit
(Exclusive shit)
Yeah, who

Guns n' roses mafia proses
Briefcase money, hot cars, and hot clothes
was Guns 'n Roses
I blast the sound, you check the sound
You got to be down, you got to be down and be like Charlie Brown
Saying good grief

employees - and I'm here to teach the principle
Cause I've been saved by mo' bells than Lark Vorhees

Man f*** that n**** 'Cris man, for real man. I'm
of Jay-Z, Z
Check me out

Thirty's the new twenty, n**** 
I'm so hot still
Better broad, better automobile
Bet a yard, nah, bet a hundred mill
Then by
East Co Co.
The Northern Cali breakdown for you po-po's

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
This is Northern Cali representing putting it down
We from the valley
of the
Now I've been asked by all the delegates--and members of the board,
To tell you of the funeral that won me this award.
It was handled with taste
me bite them wit' the bulldog made by design 
Niggas gon' give me mines 
And get in line for the torture 
I swear, run any closer to air 
Here's a man the Sheriff watches.
On his gun there's more 'n twenty-seven notches.
On the draw there's no-one faster
and you're flirting with disaster
of growin 
Express Yourself, was said by N.W.A. 
So stop givin trouble a play 
Because those who chose to oppose never rose they all froze 
At thirty-two
so my soul 
is a threat to all mankind. Born to kill, I'm wicked by nature, 'cause the streets of my neighborhood breed young hellraisers. A 
Got a Guns N Roses t-shirt, and never listened to the band
Just being honest, I just though that shit looked cool
Hold up, do you know who I am?
a splurge on my kind
Sippin' on a fifth of Rose wine
Yeah, the Flesh-N-, the Flesh-N-muthafuckin' Bone
Gettin' my tipsy on strong, always stay packin' that
and guns I keep a gun in my whip
Nigga, me without my gat is like being in a blue Benz 
Infront'a thousand bloods with mac tens
Or a red rose infront'a
I'm into cars and guns I keep a gun in my whip
Nigga, me without my gat is like being in a blue Benz
Infront'a thousand bloods with mac tens
signin' off 
I'm kickin' ass and takin' names 
Late late late 

Hook x4 

[Layzie Bone] 
She pulled the curtain 
Fo' certain 
We go'n leave these
for Guns 'n' Roses 
Yeah! C'mon! 
Throw your hands in the sky 
And wave em from side to side 
And if you're in this life just gettin by 
an a hole 
A-K holes. 
Think face blows 
And understand talkin' money by the case loads 
Gun off safety 
I'm in safe mode 
I will hold court 

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