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getting bready 
Got a couple females hating already
If its ya birthday let me hear you say

It's my birthday
It's my birthday
And I got on my birthday suit
Yeah this the riddim
Brought by Mikhail and Bready
For all the soca lovers out there
Soca for life
We saying soca for life
Soca for life
We saying
Had to leave em to starve 
Cause that boy was a leech 

They ain't keeping up 
Them niggas ain't ready
My niggas too bready

Love me a nasty lil
test me
Stop the violence and throw down the mac
Thats why me try sing life pon this track
Big up ShaadUp Drew and Bready
Who haffi work hard hustle
a Smoove track with Nitty Scott
Now a nigga coolin' don't be fooled that shit still pretty hot
Got a lot of people eyeing evil at the bready box
I'm supposed
Word to me I can not drop a fat check on a bitch unless she getting rich 
Niggas be all in my messages ain't bout the bready I don't give a shit aye
your respect, bet
If you owe the bready 
Better pay me cause I need to eat

Uhh, Always speak to GOD and bust a move n***a
Who is you to say I gotta
exclusive, can't po' in my yetti
We celebrating, just splurging the fetti
I dunked a stripper, like Corey Maggette
I got em flocking, I think I'm too bready
Me and Bready to the top
Drew the mastermind behind the sound
Peace black heart out
This one going out to all the thugs
And everybody hustling right
Everyday I pray to God to bring my bready
This days man I nor fit ping my baby
Girl dem ah put mind on linda ikeji
Never ever seen a nigga fly like
Got my egg
Got my margarine
Got my bread
Got my pan
Got my spike
And I got my knife and fork

I got everything I need for
Eggy in a bready

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