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(I will never submit to all the things you've said god!)

We're breaching the core - we're breaching the core
We're breaching
I am singing cause I'm screaming the ringing is in my brain
Always breaching it is screeching the sound is always the same
Got these demons from my
(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

I'm breaching the system, i'm worried about bills
You're popping your pills, i'm making my deals
Im counting up how many
We are breaching your walls
We are breaking all
You won't control us
This is our freedom
Fighting the nights
Sleeping the days
We'll defeat you
you straight than you feed em
Keep em solid through the losses give em 50 shots if they breaching
These niggas hustle backwards
Wonder why I don’t trust
Left hand hold the keys to my city
There's no other way in
Right palm etches carved in a way
That will show how I'm to begin
Breaching white walls
To bring destiny
I'm breaching their liberty
Your lies turn to stone
As the tide changes course
For the fight of true freedom
And true liberty 

Long last,
and clear their way
He brings light aswell

Stay with me
Stay to see
To see the universe decay
The stars colliding
We're breaching into nothing

Mask your expressions
Then come and hide

Mask your expressions
Then come and hide
Breathe in breath calm before they find us
Breaching the walls
My eternal clock ticking
Has got a nigga tripping
Stressed for a living
The pressure, I can feel it
The sky ain't the limit
I'm breaching
Reaching up to greet them
Murky water breaching the grey
Love keeps breathing

Oh, love keeps breathing

And I stand alone
Watching from
is too strong
It's breaching the chains

I've got the beast inside
Don't you trust in me
I've got the beast inside
Craving a victim 
Recognize I really am a glutton for abuse

Every day I come a little closer
To breaching into the other side
All my life is dying for the answers
And letting
to find
Strategies analysis of seeming like I'm breaching but you know I won't cross the line
Outta place, Outta Time (Outta time)
Don't look too far coz I
And I keep preaching that sweetness
Sleep, dreaming and speechless
And I bleed, breaching that borderline
Love, I do it all the time
At least these days
writhe as they slowly begin agonizing metamorphosis
Breeding, bleeding, breathing, breaching, eating there way out of you
They spawn, (harvest) in
Vultures are circling 
They try to tear my flesh apart 
What I left in the darkness 
Is haunting me until I die 

Breaching through the gates
I'm reaching for the sky 
With or without alliance 
I'm reaching for them diamonds 
Without a doubt I'm shining 
I'm breaching them with science
Lost, lost in an elusive haze
Drifting, floating, twirling in a shadowy daze
My mind swirls unbound and free
Breaching all the rules that bind me
you to open up your eyes
We're bringing you down
Standing together we will fight
We're gonna breach the lines
Breaching the lines
Breaching the lines
want to share what I can give
I want to be I want to live

Have you gazed out on the ocean
Seen the breaching of a whale?
Have you watched
breaching these contracts preachers and gun claps
Smoking that Mike Dean until my lungs collapse
Bun B and Action Bronson, I'm seeing no colors
If you with
man ain't breaching
Uh, and rumor has it
The jeweler wants his money
But I'm out here rocking all my chains, real chunky, real comfy
And rumor has
fight us all no
No you can't fight

The water is breaching the walls of the dam
Trampling dreams in a rush to higher land

Are you ready to explode

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