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I want to live in the forest
Between the roots and the branches I lay
On the moss I sit, I want to rest by the river

I want to live in the forest
Step across the branches
I will follow you over the Rhine

And it takes one to know one
That's what they always say
I've waited for the dawn
tree and I sat there in my gloom
And the light was fading dimly and the sky was crying
Then my tree bent its branches low down to the ground
And its
the green rushes grow 
See the wind 
In the willow tree 
In the branches hanging low 

Well I go to the river 
To soothe my mind 
To ponder over
No more walks in the wood
The trees have all been cut down
And where once they stood
Not even a wagon rut appears along the path
Low brush is
And the numbers that came
Through the fire and the flood
Clung to the tree
And were redeemed by the blood

From the tree streamed a light
Clouds roll by 
Reeling is what they say
Or is it just my way? 

Wind blows by  low light 
Side tracked  low light 
Can't see my tracks  your

When I need to get home,
You're my guiding light,
You're my guiding light.

Well the air is cold,
And yonder lies my sleeping soul,
Learn to grasp shattered light,
Through broken branches that touch the sun, 
We drove miles in the dark and watched the sun light the sky, 
of the trees,
Lies the treasure of the morning, 
The pearls of light 
Carried away by the truculence of my world
I got lost in the search for enlightenment
Made of bones of the branches
The boughs and the brow-beating light

While my feet are the trunks
And my head is the canopy high

And my
Goodbye, goodbye my friend

Friends and family
The branches of the tree
Sheltered in the rain
Telling me again
No matter how raindrops run
World will
And a night
Frightening dark and
It was light
A big tree branches and
I was dancing
I'm straining
My broken neck and
Walking fast
Look at my
where the branches are burning low
Sparks shooting out like stars and in the morning say a little goodbye to your love

I’ll carry this song with me
But not anymore, I found out all its secrets

You didn't know who's hiding in your eyes
The highs are the ice in the branches on a mountain top
Somewhere safe and sheltered
Saved forever

Stuck in the light of day
Waiting for answers
A seed that grew into branches
Another page has turned, ended
All the windows are glowing
The branches bending low
The skyline is swinging
Rocking back and forth
Walking down this dirt road
Underneath our feet
Crystals grow like plants (listen how they grow)
I'm blinded by the lights (listen how they glow)
In the core of the earth
forth into the night 
Beckoned by the city lights) 

Baby Is a Butterfly 
See her swimming in the sky 
Hurts me so to hear her cry 
Oh baby?is a butterfly
window was shaking and my bones were aching to follow the trail
Where the curtains were torn by the claws and the horns I saw the sweep of the nine tails
Where the moon swings low
On the Alamo,
In a garden fair where roses grow,
In the tender light
Of a Summer night,
I can see her wander
In the half light

How you kill me
Lifting me up to those branches
Letting me look on the world
Just as I sing like a bird you
You shoot me down
Acknowledge the darkness, link of dawn

The branches hung low
Softly covered by snow
Even the strongest will
Recoil beneath their silent chill


Save me the dance 
Where the lights go down low 
Save me the one they call 
The dance of "love"! 

[ Italian lyrics ] 


Music by Luciano
and somewhere you lie,
Oh, I wish I could find you 
Oh I'm lost by the river
My clothes are in tatters
My face scarred by branches
I shiver with cold,
No, I

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