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of stimulation mental man
But if your acting like you just got out the kennel man
Put your foot on the pedal & pump


If your girl's in
Goldie Loc that gives a fuck about a hizzo
Three to the fizzo
And five to the sizacks
My nigga snoop dogg gives a fuck about a bi-zitch
Yeah you
done finally did it
(What made why'all think why'all could fuck wit Xzibit?)

[Hook 2 - Snoop Dogg x2]
Lights, camera, action, show-time
We bust
lenier (come here).
I'm on my P's and my Q's stones green to the blue 23's when I cruise.
Feel my calf muscle on my brake pedal ain't another younging
(Yeah, Big Snoop Dogg, X to the Z)
(Uncle L, blast these bitch ass motherfuckers)
Yeah, Yeah
Pour your Dom on the floor, try to flow with me
the tape, while we let the ass scrape
and pump your brakes while the Dubb illustrates
somethin for the homeys puttin it down like Gs
'cause that's how we do
this shit Chocolate Tye will finish 

[Chocolate Tye:] 
Yo yo the lyrical dentist the menace 
Fuck up more by the minute 
Leave the scene grinnin'
your checks
We can jump in the coup
Take a ride by Snoop
He got a lot of weed, you can f- like soup
You can smoke, you can drink
Till your lips turn